Bug: Dragging tabs in PWA tab strip crashes the PWA.

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With Desktop PWA tab strips enabled on a Mac, dragging tabs within the PWA crashes the PWA.  The issue appears to be related to dragging with the mouse/cursor.


If I use other methods to move the tab, the PWA does NOT crash.  For example, if I right click on a tab and "Move Tab to -->" I am able to move the tab to another window.  If I "Add tab to tab group", the tab moves within the PWA just fine.

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Try update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge and in case problem persist try file a bug report.
Take a look at:

@ahpatel thanks for reporting this. The PWA Tabs feature is definitely something that needs a lot of work before we make additional progress on it. We do have this crasher in our backlog and it will be fixed before we start to make the feature available without enabling the flag.