BSOD with Message (Resource not owned) when using Pen

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Question: Can anyone else maybe with Surface Hardware reproduce this?


Edge Build: 96.0.1035.0 

Reproduction: Use Surface Pen, happens instantly 

Does not happen on:

Stable Build (I don't know if it was already a case in earlier builds as I didn't use the pen for a while.) Touch inputs.


It's maybe worth noting if it happens to more people here.


I did send a bug report just in case that this isn't known yet

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You're not alone. There have been several similar reports in the Microsoft Community: Microsoft Edge/Bing keeps freezing and forcing a restart

Microsoft Edge Version 94.0.992.38 update gives BSOD in Win 10 with


Let's hope the feedback is pouring in. It may not be related to Edge, though.

I'm sure the issue I'm facing is related to that specific build of edge as it does not happen on the stable build or any other app.

That report seems not similar to mine as it's a whole different cause
Edit: didn't see second link thats related

I hope people try the reproduction in a safe environment to maybe pinch down some cases which could help the Edge Team

Happens with SP7.
On Edge: 94.0.992.38


Yes this problem started today for me too, using Surface pen to markup pdf documents in Microsoft Edge on a Surface book. I have been doing this successfully for a long time without any problems.


I have restarted multiple times and then updated Windows 10 21H1 today.

It still crashes every time I try to use the Surface Pen in Edge.

Please help?

@YasinAkimura I have the same experience starting yesterday, it crashes again today. I'm using pen on Edge PDF too

This just happened to me on the desktop while using the pen. No Edge necessary. @YasinAkimura 



The user whose thread I referred to has now reported that the problem doesn't exist on Windows 11 (Beta): Microsoft Edge Version 94.0.992.38 update gives BSOD in Win 10 


Same for me, have been using the pen to mark pdf on Edge for a while and it has been crashing since yesterday (4.10.2021) every time I was typing with the pen.
I have the same problem with my surface pro X. Also Word is not running smoothly. Please fix all the issues with the surface Pro X Microsoft!!
same problem here. hope we get a response as surface is unusable now

Same issue here on Surface Go 2.

I have updated to 21H1 just before BSOD started. But that might be a coincidence.

Thanks for pointing out that it is a pen which is causing the issue. I have disabled Bluetooth and didn't have BSOD ever since. Still able to use the pen for input

I have the same problem with my Surface Pro 4 (m3) using Edge and trying to use the pen to draw PDF documents: Windows crashes with blue screen and this message.
This behavior started this week, as last week editing PDFs with the pen worked perfectly.

Hey folks! 


The team is aware of this and investigating, I'll circle back here with any updates or if we need additional information to dig in. Thank you so much for your reports of this, both here and in the browser itself! 


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@Alexandra-R if it helps in troubleshooting, this isn't isolated to Surface hardware. We use Lenovo gear (X1 Tablet Gen 3 with stylus) and we're getting reports that this BSOD has started happening over the last few days.

I can only guess but maybe because the problem does not occur on windows 11 the cause could be some of the new haptic capability if that is tied to software feedback and maybe its good to note that there are two different causes for the BSOD at least if we trust the error message
On Stable Edge I get a BSOD when selecting text with win32key.sys as the failing part.

We are an organization of all Surface Pros 250+ and exclusively use Edge and we are having this issue with multiple users.

@YasinAkimura We're having the same issue on our site on the latest build, but have found that the issue is not present in the 96.0.1037.0 canary build - Hopefully this update gets pushed through soon!

Hi Alexandra,

Thought it might help to note that this issue does not seem to be present in the 96.0.1037.0 canary build!

Hey again everyone!


As some of you have already noticed, the fix for this was available in yesterday's Canary build! We're speeding it along to the other channels as well, thanks for your patience. 

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Last update here!
Canary & Beta channels already have the fix, but we are still rolling it out to Dev & Stable. Relaunching Edge 2-3 times should resolve any issues.

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