Bringing back a Splash Screen to Edge

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a few weeks ago I upgraded my parents to the new edge. Until then they had been using legacy edge which came with their (not very powerful) laptop. Every time they would open the browser or click on a link (in an e-mail, word doc or similar) they would immediately see the splash screen for 3 to 4 seconds, wait, and then be ready to surf the web.


but now when they open edge, they have to wait 3 to 4 seconds without seeing ANY feedback form their machine. This is confusing to them even though they are by no means tech illiterates. Almost every time I see them do this they get impatient/worried that they missed the icon/link, click again, and end up with multiple windows of edge.


i propose bringing back a splash screen to microsoft edge, just like the mail app, calculator app, maps app and other most used consumer applications in windows have one. I think it would look quite nice with the new logo, but I have no idea how difficult this is to implement. Thanks a lot!

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@Deleted this is something many insiders have requested...

Can we please take this into consideration? Please! :smile:

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@timpbott Welcome to the MS Edge Insider's community! Thank you for providing a detailed use case; it really helps to know why the features are/would be important. I'll check in with the team and let you both know if I have any insights to share. (If I remember correctly, I asked them previously when @Rohit Yadav first brought this up, but I want to check back in on that answer.)


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@Deleted any update from the team regarding this?

@Deleted @MissyQ 

The Splash Screen is a needed feature for Microsoft Edge as when it is started on fast computers, it is just a bright white flash which would be dangerous for eyes of the people using high brightness setting and also it would look better than what we have today. I have seen people complaining about this on Google Chrome for years but it looks like they have not listened to their users. I know that at Microsoft, Customer feedback is taken seriously so I am hoping that this feature will be implemented soon.


I have an idea about how the splash screen would look like in Microsoft Edge, so I am sharing my imagined splash screen here. The splash screen for the light theme is grey because if we keep the splash screen background as white, users will have the same problem of getting a bright white flash with logos in it.

The suggested Splash Screens are as follows:

Splash Screen for Microsoft Edge set in Light ThemeSplash Screen for Microsoft Edge set in Light Theme


Splash screen for Microsoft Edge set in Dark ThemeSplash screen for Microsoft Edge set in Dark Theme


Splash Screen for PWAs when Microsoft Edge is set in Light ThemeSplash Screen for PWAs when Microsoft Edge is set in Light Theme


Splash Screen for PWAs when Microsoft Edge is set in Dark ThemeSplash Screen for PWAs when Microsoft Edge is set in Dark Theme

@TheShaunSaw Those designs are awesome! Based on the recent splash screens across various apps, this should likely be the design. This is very important component missing from the Edge.