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I use this site 

to add separators in the Favorite Bars and organize better the items.

Could Edge Chromium have this feature?




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@Deleted that's a cool website.  I will provide your feedback about adding separators in the Favorites Bar to the engineers.


Eric E.

Thanks! And have a great day!
Personally I think it will be a waste of space. Look how much space that one(1) separator takes up.... Imagine several of them on your tool bar...... You will end up with a long tool bar and a very short URL box....


One thing to take into consideration is that the bookmark separator does not have to take up a lot of space, if implemented correctly. The example is a work-around for functionality that is missing from some Chromium browsers.

If done properly, the separator is no more than a a line with a few pixels of padding on either side.

I find the separator feature useful in the Bookmarks Bar section of the edge browser. I believe it increases the eligibility of my bookmarks, and allows me to select the correct one faster. Although this user experience process is on the scale of seconds, to milliseconds, it very much helps me when subconsciously navigating and selecting from the bookmark bar.

Easy. I renamed my favorites with four blank spaces. Or three blank spaces and a bullet point (Alt-0149) character.


For the bullet point, type <Alt-0149>




I preferred using just the spaces (without bullet points as separators), though as using it resulted in a cleaner layout. I feel that using bullet points or other characters for separators just added noise to the clutter.

@holiness That's a neat work around. Don't the bookmark icons still appear though, or how have you hidden that? Or are you suggesting just adding tail text to your bookmarks?


I added two spaces and a pipe | to make it look like the separators I'm used to with Firefox.  Seems to work OK.  Hope it is helpful.



 Which looks like this on the toolbar