Blurry/pixelated icons

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After getting the new "fluent design" icons through the dev build they seem to have gotten pixelated/blurry. I was wondering it's a scaling issue as the recommended is 125% for my display but I prefer it on 100%. Maybe the edge team could make the icons more scalable or higher resolution? Is there any fix other than scaling up to 125%?

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I'm not seeing this issue with them.
do you see the same thing on 125% recommended scaling?
if so, post some screenshot so we can compare

@HotCakeX I have a 1980x1080 display if that makes a difference, I don't see it on 125%. Here are some screenshots try zooming in to see it more clearly

Hmm interesting, I have 1080p display too but my recommended resolution is 100%
the entire picture is very blurry to me

@HotCakeX Hope the edge team can fix this. What would be a temporary fix in the mean time?

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

when I looked at your picture, everything was blurry, not just small icons on Edge, everything.
the recommended scaling for 1080p should be 100%, I don't know why your recommended one is 120%.
are you using any type of special monitor? or TV ? are you using HDMI?
have you checked your monitor settings?

@HotCakeX I've seen some people talk about the same issue on reddit.

Weird, when I switch between 100 and 125 the only difference is the blurry icons the rest of the screen is clear as day.

I'm on a Lenovo laptop

Is there a way to reconfigure my display or something?

I don't think so, it's a built in display. if Edge icons are the only thing that has blurry problem then it's definitely stemming from Edge.

@HotCakeX I've noticed that the icons in edge are one pixel thick while on other browsers their much thicker, that might make it harder to scale? Hopefully the edge team see this and see what's going wrong. In the meantime is the only option scaling up to 125%?

That could be the reason, mmm yes or use 100% if it doesn't bother you too much

you can also send a feedback about this problem, in the feedback window go to
attachments => recreate my problem => start recording => choose entire screen
let it keep recording while you change screen scaling. you can use magnifier in Windows to zoom in and emphasize on the blurry areas and show them how they look like.
Ok I'll send them feedback. Thanks for helping!