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With Canary, I have some fonts on some forums / sites that are "fuzzy"


Canary : 




IE / Edge : 




how to cure it ?


Thanks for your help

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Can you mention some of those sites for test?



Left side is on Edge Insider Version (Official build) canary (64-bit).

Right side is on current built-in Edge in Windows 10 - Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18965 - Microsoft Edge 44.18965.1000.0.


Annotation 2019-08-23 165316.png


They look fine to me



@HotCakeX The difference is seen on a new topic (title in bold) No difference on the topic already read (like on your screen)
But I didn't open or read any of those topics, nor am i signed in in that website.
That's why, you must be logged in to see the new topics (which will be in bold). We see in my screen that the first 2 topics are in bold compared to the 3rd



If you need more information on the page, do not hesitate to ask me
It stings eyes this fuzzy font :cry:

Up please :flushed:





There is the same problem on Chrome, I asked to the webmasters of the forum, it is a problem related to Chrome
And since Edge Chromium is a "copy" of Chrome, even bug appears
Actually Chrome is a copy of chromium. chromium is the source for both chrome and Edge insider.



Yes, when I say Chrome, it's Chromium
I do not know other browsers using Chromium (no problem with IE, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc...)
Chrome = Google Chrome
Chromium = source of Google Chrome and a browser on its own.

Browsers based on Chromium=



I did not know for Opera, the Opera developer corrected this little police problem then
Most likely. Opera customized their browser a lot
Um okay but how is it related to this discussion? ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)