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Hello! One of the extensions that I particularly liked and used in Edge was the Bing translator, one of the highlights of the browser was this extension that for me makes the best translation being ahead of Google Translator, I believe that they should be available for that version.


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This should be built in.
@Kris_Petrin & @LucasS-10
Thank you I will let our partners in Bing know how you feel.

@Elliot Kirk Thanks for the attention! I'Ll be honored to see this in an active way in the browser. 

Thank you for the feedback @LucasS-10. In built translation for the browser is being worked upon and should be available in the insider builds before end of this month (April, 2019). 

Looking forward to your feedback once you have tried the in built translate experience.

@LucasS-10 It should also have an in-built dictonary and spell checker 


Those Grammar Tools are coming soon too.

A user reported on the Reddit that Translator is working in the latest version of Edge Canary, check the screenshot below @LucasS-10




I would like to ask any Microsoft developer here, I'm also using the same build of Edge Canary, why I'm not able to enjoy the functionality? 

I must not have "the latest version". This is Canary. I, even, went to a Spanish site so I could have read in English.
The functionality or lack thereof in these Reply boxes is terrible! Can't input pics or edit.

thanks @vineydhiman. There is nothing additional that you need to do to get translate. Translate feature rollout is under progress and by end of the month all Canary users should have it. 

Thanks for the update
This supports that there are (many) reason why I have always preferred Windows & Edge AND do not care for iOS, Google or Chrome! This Edge is not changing my feelings, maybe, increasing them. There is too much nice stuff Both features & functionality) missing!


No thanks; will wait for OUR Translator.  We must remind ourselves, much/most of what we see presently missing IS "Coming Soon".  Translator, Reading View, the Favs Annotation 2019-04-12 212655.jpg, Web Notes & more... all the familiar things we've come to know, like & use.  This thing is, still, being built... that's what we are trying to help.  We may be whinging about things or the lack thereof or saying things are broken or not functioning, that simply are not here, YET.  Plus, is that "here" in Dev or "here' in Canary.  It is challenging to know if something is amiss or pending.

It is good news that the ad blockers work properly, now, though.  So much more enjoyable to work on this w/out ads.  Was nice it was seen my saying what was wrong such that Ad Block fixed the problem & let me know it was corrected.  BTW, I highly recommend AdBlocker Ultimate... for that I did have to use the other Store, (for now).


@amitkun and @Elliot Kirk.

Do not forget the option to translate the selected text, from the contextual menu of right click. It's a very useful feature of the old Edge. 


Thanks for letting us know @Elig-GM . Yes this is in our plans though a little further along the road.

Thanx for that I immediately installed it. WHEN the native Xlator arrives I'll switch.


The flag is now available to enable it.


Sin título.png

Thanks @amitkun, @Elliot Kirk and the entire Edge Team.


Cannot find it in edge://flags.

@zoeff50 -- When on the Flags page, do a search Ctrl-F for "Microsoft Edge Translate" (minus the quotes). It is a flag, not an extension. Just enable it. There is nothing to install.

Hey @zoeff50 , thanks for trying. Which Canary build were you trying on? Please check on builds greater than 144. Let me know if you are still not able to find it. Happy to assist.

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