BING gets on your nerves

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I have tried what I can to get Bing totally deleted from Edge, it always comes back irrelevant of what I do, so its back to Mozilla I guess

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 Hi @PhilC1904, you are welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider Community Hub!

Can you please explain your issue further, I cannot understand what you mean by deleting Bing from MS Edge in the Original Post.

If you want to change your default search engine, go to settings > Privacy, Search and Services > Services > Address Bar and Search (edge://settings/search). 


@TheShaunSaw I have changed the preferences for search engines, deleted Bing from the list. entered as the new tab address, regardless when I open a new Tab it is a Bing tab.  I decided to leave firefox on the basis of too slow and too much RAM to operate, however the Edge is faster but it forces you to use Bing regardless of what you try.  When I delete Edge also my windows updates fail so I have to reinstall to update windows, all a bit iffy in respect of freedom to use which browser you want without losing things like google,


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So I now got your issue. If you want to change your search engine on the NTP (New Tab Page) search bar, go to the address bar and search setting page (edge://settings/search), then go to "Search on new tabs uses search box or address bar" and select the option as "Address bar" from the dropdown menu and then whatever you search from anywhere will be searched on your preferred search engine.



If you want to remove content that gets loaded from MSN (Microsoft Network), go to the NTP Settings menu by clicking the gear icon on the top-right corner of the new tab page, select your page layout as custom and then under the content section, select the option as content off from the dropdown menu. You can even change other settings to make it look the way you want.



I hope that this will help you :)

@TheShaunSaw   I still see the Bing search window at the top where all I want is google in the middle

Can you please share a screenshot of that Window because I am not understanding what you are talking about?

@TheShaunSaw there you go

Not only do they purposefully make as confusing as possible for users to quit bing, but they also force every user to have bing in the right click menu: there is absolutely no way to disable the "search in the sidebar with bing" context menu item. Microsoft is just always dishonest.
Then theres me back to Firefox


After looking at the screenshot, I now understood what you are talking about. The point is that this is how the new tab page looks in Microsoft Edge and you cannot edit it. You can only edit the startup page but then Google would not appear when you open a new tab. You can make it look like a Google page by going to the NTP settings menu, then switching the setting to focused. If you even want to remove quick links and greetings, go to the custom NTP settings and turn those toggles off.


If you want to see Google as your New Tab Page, you can use an extension whose link has been given by @thexfile. I checked the extension and it works as intended, only MS Edge disables it at the start as the extension tries to change the NTP settings. You can enable it by going to the extensions page (edge://extensions).


I hope that the recent posts by me and my fellow member helps you to do what you want :)

@TheShaunSaw  Thanks.... decided to go back to Firefox, after deleting FF and resinstalling some of my old problems disappeared, so improved my browser anyway, thanks again

Anytime :)



The old saying says - Luke, use the Startpage! Use the Force! (to implement it via strong extension)

Use Startpage extension, of course. Startpage is using Google, but it cares for your safety & security.


Try to install it as default via or search for its extension (it waits there to use it!).


But I'm not a "blade runner". Bing is present in context menu and it may be handy sometimes. It has its own panel on the right side! Good thing, really. Anyway, let everyone finds his way of doing things in Edge by himself (with a little helps from Edge Insiders chaps). ;)


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