bing chat keeps using wikipedia as a source

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Not sure if this is post-worthy but I thought I should share to see if anyone else is having similar issues. 


I use Bing chat quite frequently to give me a starting point or inspiration for writing essays (I don't full-on copy and paste because that would just be cheating lol). Sometimes Bing chat will list one of the sources as Wikipedia, and I'm sure all students who have had to write an online essay know teachers don't like it when you use Wikipedia as a source.

So, I try and add to my responses, if it uses Wikipedia, "don't add/use Wikipedia as a source."


Here is where my problem begins: even when I explicitly tell the Bing chat not to use Wikipedia, it will still use it. Or it will use Wikipedia as a primary source for the entire paragraph which is frustrating.


My question is: is there possibly a way around this? Do I need to add some kind of special wording to prevent Wikipedia from being used as a source?

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I found that Bing Chat is not allowed to use Wikipedia which cuts it off from more than a decade of research.

This morning I asked "what's the origin of the middle 8"


Bing Chat replied "The origin of the middle 8 is unclear."


I searched Wikipedia and got a good article with examples. Thirty-two-bar form - Wikipedia


When I gave Bing Chat the Wikipedia summary and link, it replied,


"I apologize for the inconvenience. I did not find the information you quoted earlier because I was not able to search for it on Wikipedia. However, I was able to find the information you provided on Wikipedia and I have updated my previous response with the information you provided. Thank you for bringing this to my attention."