Bing button on Dev not working on mac fullscreen

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When I use my 13" MacBook air I can not use the Bing button when it is in exclusive Fullscreen (where you can not see anything else) however, when it is not in full screen it can be pressed I was wondering why because it is active in a windowed mode i didn't think that it would have anything to do with the space for the rest of the website

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same issue here.
I have the exact same issue
Make sure report this issue using the Feedback option in the Microsoft Edge.
Continue checking for update for the Microsoft Edge.
Yeah, loads of people, including myself, seem to be having this issue. Not sure if MS is working on a fix yet but I assume there will be one soon. Best workaround I have is to just hide your Dock then hold Option as you're pressing the green maximise button; this should make the window take up the whole screen so you can mimic 'fullscreen mode' without actually being in it.