Big Bug in Microsoft Edge for PDF Edit

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I have been using our Microsoft product for beyond 5 years and the laptops I bought are already from surface pro 4 to laptop 3. However, I’m really disappointed about our Microsoft edge. Due to my study and work demands, I need to do a tremendous amount of work in PDF and every editing in PDF is really important to me. That’s also the reason why I always prefer surface, which is the great combination of laptop and notebook. However,  Microsoft edge always does not work well:

1. it’s really hard for me to insert an empty page in PDF.

2. My words in PDF are really often automatically go away. In order to avoid this situation, I keep saving while I’m editing PDF and I’m sure everything is saved and showed up before I close my PDF the first time. But when I opened it again, it’s so weird I lost some important editing and they were messed up(I attached some examples, please look at it). To be honest, this has been happening for a long while and really annoying. I really hope you could fix it as soon as possible.

3. When I want to edit one PDF, all PDF opened pop out of the editing bar, which is annoying. I hope that we could fix this problem. 

I know that we have not had a really good product for PDF in our surface though I think this is essential and important for our notebook laptop, but I believe that Microsoft Edge is a really good and convenient tool for customers to edit PDF. I really appreciate PDF tools in Microsoft Edge, but I do hope we could better our product together!problem1.pngproblem2.pngproblem3.png


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