BBC Homepage looks very different and some BBC pages look "scrambled".

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This started a few weeks ago. I am using latest version of MS Edge ver 105.0.1343.53.


For some reason the BBC homepage layout has changed quite dramatically. Only BBC websites seems to be affected.  If I use Firefox, the BBC homepage and other BBC websites display like they used to. It appears that I cannot upload any images to show before and after, (I tried dragging and dropping a jpeg but no good).

Does anybody else have the issue where the BBC homepage and some other BBC pages are displayed with a different layout and/or the layout is "scrambled"??????

For example the BBC sport homepage is all messed up for me ( 



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Yes, exactly the same here on two different computers and also tested using Windows 10 Sandbox.
I first noticed it about a couple of weeks ago. The problem only occurs at my default zoom setting of 150%. If I change for example to 125% or 175% the page displays correctly. Very odd.
Not a problem really. I just use Chrome instead :) Does changing the zoom setting have the same effect with you?

That's it Alan - you're a superstar!
I would never have thought of that. If I zoom to 110% or 125%, all the problems are solved. I'll leave it at 110% for now. The good thing is that the zoom only affects that tab.
I switched to firefox and all was normal - not sure whether to keep it or edge. I'll probably keep both, just in case something happens like this in the future.


The default setting of 100% still has the issue in Edge for BBC.

Thanks again and best wishes