Backspace Key functions wrongly in Non-English condition

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‘Backspace’key functions in wrong way in any typing , when using non-english input method:it deleted the letter in target-textbox wrongly - which intent to delete character in the float box belonging to the input method (showing characters to be selected by user)
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Hello all! I got the same issue for a long. Let me describe the problem from another perspective. When I input some text in Microsoft edge with Chinese input method,I want to delete the characters in the candidate box. But after I press the backspace key, the characters in the candidate box and the input text are deleted at the same time. I have tested in other applications and browsers, and there is no such problem. So the root of the problem should be Microsoft edge, but I'm not sure if it's unique to the Linux version. My env is OS:Kylin Linux Desktop V10 (SP1)(Like debian/ubuntu) kernel:5.4.18-27-generic Microsoft Edge Dev version:93.0.916.1
I met the same problem! It is a serious bug for the Linux environment. With this bug, I cannot use Microsoft Edge as a daily browser.

@sammy-621 Same here on fedora 34 xfce with fcitx wubi input method and microsoft edge(dev).

It should be the bug of chromium.

Have you solved the problem?
I don't have this problem when I test Google Chrome in the same environment, so I don't think it's a chromium bug.

@sammy-621 Good news!

After testing, this problem has been fixed in the latest version 94.0.975.1!