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Is there a way to change the default background image of the new tab page?I want to be able to use there one of my choosing.

If there isn't one then

Can i somehow make the image of the day to stop changing and to be the same every day?

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@Tavory I think this is a feature that will be added in the upcoming updates. For now, it's not possible.

Been on the list for 11 weeks

until they get it ready, you could try these extensions, cause it's unknown when it's gonna be added to Edge

you can also turn off the daily images completely using the custom layout.
I tried to turn it off and it became worse.The news feed is disabled but i can still scroll down.When i scrow down it goes into the news feed area but showing black screen.There should be a way lock it in
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Try to set it like this, then the scrolling won't bring news feed again


Annotation 2019-11-10 211028.png



Hi, it's added to Edge canary now, if you don't have it right away, it will come soon in next few updates :)

set Custom picture in the New Tab Page