Azure AD sign-in support in Edge for Linux

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I am looking to make the move away from Chrome to Edge. My company uses Linux; and I was thrilled to get to play around with the new Chromium-based Edge for Linux.

The single feature that is missing that will prevent me from making this switch is the ability to sign-in to Edge with my Azure AD work account. Currently, Edge for Linux only supports sign-ins with MS Personal accounts.

I have been following the "What's New" and "Top Feedback" sections of the Insider Community for the last couple weeks; and have likewise submitted this feedback directly through Edge a couple of times. I have not seen anything on the site (I could easily just be overlooking it?) regarding this and was curious if it is on the radar/roadmap; and if so; is there any best guess as to an ETA?


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@challamzinnia  A quick note to let you know that you haven't missed anything on this forum.  I check in every week and read anything and everything that can be found with the search term "linux", and there has been no mention of this issue.  That doesn't surprise me; the Edge Team has been remarkably silent on all things Edge-Linux in this forum.   


You've filed Feedback, and that is usually the best way to bring Microsoft's attention to an issue, although Feedback doesn't normally get a substantive response. 


It is possible that your company's  Azure AD instance is not yet supported by Edge, and the problem you are encountering is general rather than specific to Edge-Linux:  "Currently, Microsoft Edge only supports Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) accounts belonging to the global cloud or the GCC sovereign cloud. We are working on adding support for other sovereign clouds.


It you have access to a Windows 10 computer, you might try signing in from Edge on that computer; if you can't sign to your company's Azure AD from the Windows computer, that suggests that the problem is related to a currently unsupported Azure AD instance rather than an issue with Edge-Linux.


On the off chance that there is something in your particular configuration (either on your end or on your company's Azure end) that is blocking Azure AD login, you might open a ticket with Microsoft Edge Insider Support


@tomscharbach Thanks for the reply.


I have successfully signed in with my AAD on both Windows and Android Edge - they are syncing without issue. It's just the Linux version that is left out in the cold. For now I have exported/imported bookmarks - but this is a far cry from the full sync I was hoping for.


Fingers crossed that MS will get this added soon. :)

I too am disappointed by not being able to sign the Edge browser into the company microsoft account. Everything works really well except that.

Running Fedora, on HP 15u G6 laptop, and it runs pretty much perfectly.


If I boot windows, then I can sign Edge into the microsoft account.

Don't worry, we're working on it!  We definitely plan on supporting it on Linux just like we do on our other platforms.  

Hi @josh_bodner do you have any rough estimation for releasing Azure AD support for Linux Edge login?

Certainly that would be a nice step for integrating Edge in the Linux world. Thanks for that and hopping to get it soon.
Hei! Any updates on that topic?
Just expressing interest in this. I'd like to use Edge for work stuff, but won't use it until I can sign into my work account.
I too would like some news.

My employer uses Okta for authentication, so maybe this makes signing the browser into O365 harder?
Edge for Linux is now available as a stable release, but logging into sync with a 'work' account (i.e. a microsoft 365 account) is still not working. Whenever I try to login with my work 365 account, I get:

We couldn't find an account with that email address or phone number. Would you like to sign up for a new Microsoft account? Sign up

It would be cool to be able to use stable Edge on Linux with all my work stuff synced as well.
Any update? It is mid November now and I still cannot use my working account even on stable version. I hope this feature will be available soon.
I too am interested. Edge works rather stable (unlike some other MS software...), so would love to be able to actually use it like I did on Windows.
There's inevitably still some bugs on the Linux edge. For example, importing data from other browsers are lacking support for Chromium based browsers (only Firefox is available) (Brave and Google Chrome importing works flawlessly)
Linux market share has been growing, and it would be great to have fully featured Edge browser in Linux. It's my main browser.
I tried again today, and still not supported. Surprised to be honest

@networkthinking Yeah - as a developer myself I am struggling to come up with a scenario where this is blocked by some difficulty of implementation. It has to simply be a priority issue - and Microsoft simply has not given it priority...
Fingers crossed we see something soon.

Does anyone have an idea on how to get this on Microsoft's radar? I try an like comments and I've liked the original question. Are there other ways to raise this?
I doubt that MS listens users at all :unamused_face:

I need AAD so I can access my shortcuts saved on Windows ! 


Hoping this would be added for stable but it's good to know you guys are working on it
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just logged into my AAD account! it's not syncing yet, but, BABY STEPS!

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