Availability of Outlook PWA for iOS devices


Is Outlook PWA available in new Microsoft Edge browser for iOS devices (all the device family)? And is there some sort of documentations or road maps where I can find more information about it? 

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a little background on PWAs:
PWA are the same as websites. that means they are available on any device with a browser.
so basically Outlook.com, Spotify web player, Whatsapp web, Instagram.com, Facebook.com etc
are all examples of PWAs, Progressive Web Apps.


Microsoft Edge (desktop version which is based on Chromium) introduced a feature that lets users "install" a website as an app and use it "like" an app.

Microsoft Edge provides a compact and minimal UI (without tabs, address bar etc) so user can use that website like a standalone app.


on the mobile version of Microsoft Edge, you can do the same.

I have Android phone so I will show you screenshots of how I can install/Pin Outlook website as an app/pwa and have its icon shown on the home page.



Step 1Step 1


Step 2Step 2


Step 3Step 3


Step 4Step 4


Step 5Step 5


Step 6Step 6


Hi @HotCakeX 


Thank you for the detailed response. I really appreciate that.


I followed your steps, and then tried to "install" the app.  The "Add to the screen" option is not available in new Edge browser (installed today!) in iPhone.


May be it's not supported at this time?



You're welcome!

Oh I forgot to mention, I'm using the Beta version of Edge on Android. I activated it on Google play store.
Edge app Version

I'm not sure if this is the correct way, but I think you should install this first in order to install any beta app on IOS.

and then Microsoft Edge beta:

I am afraid that you have some misunderstandings about PWA.
PWA can make web app works like native apps on devices, and what you have achieved basically just adds a shortcut to the website, not installing a web app.
But you have done right, if the website support pwa it should be installed on the device through these steps.