Autocomplete off behaviour

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Chrome/Chromium has a nasty handling of the html attribute 'autocomplete=off' : it doesn't respect it.


It has raised a lot of complaints from developers (but Google seems that is not listening):


I want to ask if Edge will be honoring 'autocomplete=off' or it will follow the Chrome steps.

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Hi @DPierangeli, right now we will have the same behavior as we share the same Chromium code base.  I will raise this issue with our platform team to see if they will consider adding it to the list of Chromium issues that we are fixing.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


@Elliot Kirk Thanks!

@Elliot Kirk Did the platform team have a stance on this? Properly respecting autocomplete='off' is important to a lot of people.

Just checking on the status of this. It's 2022 and Edge is still doesn't appear to be honoring autocomplete="off". The "excuse" is that it's anti-user to not allow the browser to offer suggestions for data entry. It's also anti-user to not allow page and site level disabling of autocomplete. It's simple. If the Edge team(not the Chrome team) feel that autocomplete="off" is a bad thing, it NEEDS to be an option for USERS to determine if they want to honor it and default it to ignoring autocomplete="off". That way, we can tell -our- users where to go into configuration to allow our site to be more friendly to them. It's simple, if autocomplete="off" for the form element or the input element, never pop up something offering a suggestion or an auto fill for any elements under that form or that element. Allow customers who are doing data entry, where 99.999% of the time the information is unique, to not have irrelevant things pop up, cover other elements, and grow and grow and grow as they use the same form thousands of times a day.
So it seems the Chrome is now respecting autocomplete=new-password but Edge is still not. If you want to follow Chrome's lead (for whatever reason) then follow their lead. This is a super important issue for developers. Please don't think this is minor and put it in a file somewhere and then go work on something else. THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE and not being able to turn off autocomplete has serious negative consequences for the end user experience.
Use `aria-autocomplete="list"` attribute instead.