Auto-translate not work on my edge dev

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when I watching foreign language website, edge dev will always ask me if I want to translate the page and I check the box "always translate pages from (language name)". Then the translation works well but next time I open this page again, edge dev will ask me again about the translation stuff.

It never remembers the languages that need to be translated. And I don't find any similar question in the Discussions, so is it only happens on my edge dev?


Btw, the auto-translate works well in my stable edge on the same PC.

The version of the edge dev is 88.0.705.9 and the same problem for the previous version.

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the same thing is happening to me, Edge Version 89.0.720.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)
I've sent feedback through Edge browser feedback button, please you do the same, shortcut is (Alt + Shift + i). from attachments => recreate my problem => start recording (if you want to show how the problem is exactly happening)
OK, I will report it. Thanks.
Można też to zgłosić do pomocy technicznej !
Oczywiście to jest w języku polskim - przepraszam nie w angielskim piszę
obecnie już nie ma tego problemu - rozwiązano !