Authentication error AADSTS50196

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I'm seeing a number of posts in various forums about this error, documented here: Many of them refer to failures to authenticate when using new Edge. 


I haven't yet seen a definitive solution, but I wonder if this extract from a support page for Safari gives a clue: Safari 11.0 uses Intelligent Tracking Prevention to block third-party tracking cookies. Because of the way Intelligent Tracking Prevention categorizes cookies, gets lumped into this category (even though is not a tracking domain), and ..


With this in mind, would it be enough to exclude from tracking protection?  Or perhaps select basic instead of balanced, or balanced instead of  strict tracking prevention to mitigate this error in Edge? Or does the fault lie somewhere else entirely? - One would hope that Edge's tracking prevention was a bit more intelligent than Safari's.


I've not been able to reproduce the fault, so I've nothing to test with ...




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Sorry to bump, but I've yet to see any sort of explanation or solution to this problem, despite 1100 views at this site.


The typical error message includes these words:
Message: AADSTS50196: The server terminated an operation because it encountered a client request loop. Please contact your app vendor.

The only 'app' involved in these cases is Edge ... 


@Noel Burgess 

    I may have a partial solution to AADSTS50196, at least it seems to have worked for me. Without being able to access any Microsoft information including account info, I was able to, after many dead ends, to find some account info. Apparently some time in the past I had a Microsoft account and I found that the phone # listed was not the same as the one I used to set up my new computer. I had the option in front of me to delete the old number and enter the correct number. What followed was a long and tedious process that necessitated two password change, several texted codes, and six or eight e-mailed codes. Now I can actually sign into my Microsoft account

@Greg-_600  To verbalize the flash of inspiration I had: When the Microsoft system encounters conflicting data, it will reject both because computer systems connote determine which is true and which is not true. I think that this is likely to be the case for those who are chronically plagued by AADSTS50196

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como soluciono este mensaje AADSTS50196: The server terminated an operation because it encountered a client request loop. Please contact your app vendor.

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