Are you seeing a welcome page when you update Canary? Read more here!

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March 19, 2021: You should now expect to see a weekly welcome page by design in our Canary channel! Enjoy, and please leave us your thoughts via feedback or posting up a new thread here. :D


Hey, Canary users! Thanks for checking out this thread. We have found that there are a select few of you who are seeing our welcome page when Canary receives an update (shout out to @Dennis5mile who posted a thread alerting us to this issue). We’d love to know if you are one of the users seeing the welcome page when updating!


We’re looking for a couple things if you see the welcome page on your Canary channel. Head to edge://version/?show-variations-cmd, make note of what version is listed at the top of the page, and do a page search via CTRL/CMD + F for EdgeOnRampShowWhatsNew.Default:Browser+Version. This should not be appearing on this page, but if it is leave a comment on this thread with both the browser version you are using and if you see the line above. We truly appreciate you taking the time to provide these details for us!


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@MissyQ Me! I'm facing the same issue. Just opened an un-used MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe and found out it led to Canary version 84. I updated it and ta-da! I'm actually happy I'm a user of the issue. :)

@Kam Thanks, Kam! What version of Edge did it update to, and are you seeing the line on the version page mentioned?


Missy Quarry (she/her/hers)
Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@MissyQ It updated to version 88.0.688.0, and, yes, I saw that line.


On this page edge://version/?show-variations-cmd, the version is 

Microsoft Edge88.0.688.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

and the character string EdgeOnRampShowWhatsNew.Default:Browser+Version is not found.


@Charles Powell Thank you, sir! And to double check, if you search for simply EdgeOnRamp on that variations page, do you find any results? Let me know so I can share with the team. :)


Missy Quarry (she/her/hers)
Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@MissyQ I did find on the page the phrase: EdgeOnRamp

Yes, I actually searched for "EdgeOnRamp" earlier and did see it. Here it is in context as "*msEdgeOnRampReimport":




Microsoft Edge88.0.690.0 (Compilação oficial) canary (64 bits)


EdgeOnRampShowWhatsNew.Default:Browser+Version was not found on edge://version/?show-variations-cmd

@MissyQ the line appears with Edge 88.0.692.0



Ok, happened again today. 

Just updated Canary to 89.0.750.0 and when it restarted, it started updating again... but when it was supposed auto restart, it did not. I had to reboot my system. When I restarted Canary, the version did not change from the update just prior. It is still 750.. Also, when it restarted, it brought me to the Welcome screen.. which I have included a screen shot of as well as the second update process after it had already updated....


Updating 2020-12-29 121900.jpg

Updating 2020-12-29 124034.jpg

I have already sent in the usual feedback with all the goodies included, plus pics/screenshots... 


@Dennis5mile :suprised: I didn't even get the update/welcome page at all this time, kept getting it and now it has stopped suddenly.

@MissyQ Yes I am seeing the welcome page.
Version: Microsoft Edge 91.0.830.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

I also see the following line: EdgeOnRampShowWhatsNew.Default:Browser+Version

Personally it is not a big issue for me.