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 yesterday, when entering the applications intalled through web pages, i saw that the applications were running but they had to run completely by opening the application twice. i hope they review this problem soon because if it bothers me to start the application twice.

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I see the same thing on Edge canary Version 90.0.781.0, with Twitter and Spotify PWAs.

please file a feedback using the feedback button on Edge, about this problem.
press (...) menu => help and feedback => submit feedback

Hi @KamiShushu777 , thank you for reporting this. Yes, this is a bug that we have fixed in today's Canary build. You may find other odd behavior caused by the multiple windows being there, and that should all be fixed today as well.


Thanks again,


Hi, @johnjansen 

Thank you, it is fixed now Version 90.0.782.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

I have a quick question about link capturing for PWAs in Edge canary

I'm using these 2 flags

and I have Twitter and YouTube installed as PWAs.

when I try to share a YouTube link to Twitter using the share button on YouTube page, I see Twitter PWA opening and I also see a new Edge window opening with Twitter website.

so this causes 2 things to open, instead of 1. I've sent feedback before but was wondering if this is an expected behavior (I hope not) or just a bug.


Twitter opening in Edge window loads my feed, Twitter that opens in Twitter PWA shows me the content I shared from YouTube, ready for me to click on post.


so the extra Twitter that opens in Edge window is unnecessary.

@HotCakeX , interesting. I'm not seeing that with my builds. If I launch the youtube app and click to share a video to Twitter, I see twitter load in the browser itself, not as a PWA. We're actually doing work on Share currently that is blocked by work coming in some upcoming releases, so I wasn't expecting it to launch the PWA yet. 


I wonder if there is an additional flag you have set or something subtle I'm missing.


All that said, it is a bug if we launch Edge as well as the PWA. When all is said and done, if you have the PWA installed, that should be the target for the share contract.





oh yes, sorry, I also have this flag:


and I installed Twitter as a Tabbed PWA, in fact I install all my PWAs as tabbed since this tabbed PWA feature was introduced, i find it very useful.

(just to clear any confusion in the way I explained it, when I try to share a YouTube video, I use the share button that's under the video itself, not the share button on Edge toolbar)

all the flags I've enabled that produce this behavior:

Desktop PWAs remove status bar
Hides the status bar popup in Desktop PWA app windows. – Mac, Windows, Linux

Desktop PWA tab strips
Experimental UI for exploring what PWA windows would look like with a tab strip. – Mac, Windows, Linux

Desktop PWA tab strip link capturing
Experimental behaviour for "Desktop PWA tab strips" to capture link navigations within the app scope and bring them into the app's tabbed window. – Mac, Windows, Linux

Desktop PWA declarative link capturing
Enable web app manifests to declare link capturing behavior. Prototype implementation of: – Mac, Windows, Linux
TLS 1.3 Early Data
This option enables TLS 1.3 Early Data, allowing GET requests to be sent during the handshake when resuming a connection to a compatible TLS 1.3 server. – Mac, Windows, Linux

TLS Post-Quantum Confidentiality
This option enables a post-quantum (i.e. resistent to quantum computers) key exchange algorithm in TLS (CECPQ2). – Mac, Windows, Linux
Parallel downloading
Enable parallel downloading to accelerate download speed. – Mac, Windows, Linux
Tab Hover Cards
Enables a popup containing tab information to be visible when hovering over a tab. This will replace tooltips for tabs. – Mac, Windows, Linux
Tab Hover Card Images
Shows a preview image in tab hover cards, if tab hover cards are enabled. – Mac, Windows, Linux
Ask Before Closing Multiple Tabs
To prevent accidentally closing multiple tabs, the browser can prompt if you want to close all tabs. You can turn this setting on or off in Settings and more (…) > Settings > Appearance > Customize browser. – Mac, Windows, Linux

Show block option in autoplay settings
If enabled, block will appear as an option in media autoplay settings. – Mac, Windows, Linux
Enable two page view for PDF
Enables Two-page continuous scrolling view for PDF documents – Mac, Windows, Linux
Immersive Reader Icon animation experiment
If enabled, Immersive Reader icon shows up in an animated manner. – Mac, Windows, Linux

Enable move tabs to a different profile window
Enable move tabs to a different profile window than current profile. – Mac, Windows, Linux
Tab Groups
Allows users to organize tabs into visually distinct groups, e.g. to separate tabs associated with different tasks. – Mac, Windows, Linux

Tab Groups Auto Create
Automatically creates groups for users, if tab groups are enabled. – Mac, Windows, Linux
Tab Groups Collapse
Allows a tab group to be collapsible and expandable, if tab groups are enabled. – Mac, Windows, Linux
Tab Groups Collapse Freezing
Experimental tab freezing upon collapsing a tab group. – Mac, Windows, Linux
Identify Browser with Client Hints instead of User Agent String
Enables client hints and removes the Edge Token from the User Agent string, in order to facilitate client hints testing. – Mac, Windows, Linux
Enable sharing page via QR Code
Enables right-click UI to share the page's URL via a generated QR Code. – Mac, Windows, Linux
Global Media Controls
Enables the Global Media Controls UI in the toolbar. – Mac, Windows, Linux
Global Media Controls Picture-in-Picture
Enables Picture-in-Picture controls in the Global Media Controls UI. Requires #global-media-controls to also be enabled. – Mac, Windows, Linux

Enforce deprecation of legacy TLS versions
Enable connection errors and interstitials for sites that use legacy TLS versions (TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1), which are deprecated and will be removed in the future. – Mac, Windows, Linux
Copy Link To Text
Adds an item to the context menu to allow a user to copy a link to the page with the selected text highlighted. – Mac, Windows, Linux



so I'm experiencing something that's from the future? :)
because it's been happening for ~a month.

please let me know if there is any other data I can send to help.

ah @HotCakeX !


This is quite interesting. I enabled the Tabbed PWA experience and now I see what you mean. That is a bug that I'm logging today. The Tabbed PWA experience is relatively untested because we want more design before we enable it. Google introduced the feature and they have been working through feedback they are getting as well. 


One super interesting thing that we could probably do is: install as tabbed, see a bug, uninstall and reinstall without tabs, see if it still repros. 


I'm surprised that Tabs are affected by the Share scenario, so I'm now confident there will be more :)





Glad to hear that,

oh, well i turned it on the day it was added to Edge canary, been using it since then, makes things easier, when i middle click on links in Twitter or YouTube videos, i don't have to switch back and forth between windows anymore.


I uninstall all my PWAs, and now installed YouTube and Twitter as a regular PWA, that open in a separate window with no tabs.

now, when sharing YouTube video to Twitter, only Edge window opens, no more PWA opening.


I'm going to switch back to the tabbed mode and keep using it.


I think it'd be useful if you guys gave us quests, to tell us which feature to focus on and test, which flag to turn on, etc.


something else i feel the need for is to have the global media controls and PiP in PWA UI. when i watch YouTube in PWA, i have to open a new Edge window in order to use its UI to click on PiP button.

@HotCakeX, PiP and global controls are definitely in our backlog. Any time you need to switch to the browser to do something is a case where my team feels you have a bug. Others might say it's by design, but I want PWAs to behave as separate entities, which means only switching to the browser when absolutely necessary.


As for quests: that's a really good idea. We used to do that when Edge was part of Windows. As part of Windows Insiders I'd write quests and push them out. We have not implemented that yet, but I think it's got a lot of value, so I'm going to look into starting something soon.


I totally agree with you,

you know exactly how PWAs are supposed to work, "separate entities" and "only switching to the browser when absolutely necessary"



and that's interesting, I didn't know the same team members used to work on EdgeHTML are working on Edge Chromium now.