App Guard: ver-rrrr-ry in-terr-est-ting

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I had just put this (hang on) in a couple of other MS Tech Forums to which, I contribute. Then take a look at the window produced if you, in Edge C > ellipsis > New Application Guard window.

                                            From Windows 10

Iso browse.jpg

For anyone who has not done this, already, you are, certainly, urged to do it.

> Settings > Windows Security > App & browser control ... scroll down to Isolated browsing

Click on Install Windows Defender Application Guard.

In the resulting dialogue window scroll down to Windows Defender Application Guard.  Put a check  Check mark.jpg in its box and hit OK... that will immediately be followed by a window asking to Reboot Now or Later (to complete). Reboot.

                                              And from Edge C

App Guard window.jpg

It syncs after the User signs-in (icon left of :smile:) OR your Home page sign-in.

The 1st item is the OS, Win10 & its browser working together.  Anyway, looked at together, thought y'all might find it or this very interesting.


PS: Anyone (else) old enough to remember Arte Johnson?

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For everybody reading this, Don't do it on Canary.


there is a nasty bug existing in the latest update which renders your browser totally useless. and if you don't have another browser, you won't be able to browse sites anymore!


More info:





next time please take your time and do read the latest forum conversations because things like this can do more harm than good. I know it wasn't your intention.