Anyway to allow users to rename Edge windows to boost productivity?

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Typically I use about 10 different browser windows (always on). I'd like to have a way to set "sticky" window names so that I can locate one I'm looking for quickly when switching (preferably using keyboard shortcut or from the drop down window menu).


For example:

  • Dev documentation
  • Social sites
  • Google drive
  • Other stuff
  • Etc...

Because now, Edge displays the current window title (of the given web page) which is obviously ever-changing, depending on that window's currently active tab. I just found a "hack", a bookmarklet with which I can assign a custom name to the current tab. But then it breaks if I change the active tab in that window and forget to set it back. So I'd like a better solution (there are some extensions that could help a bit but not very ideal ). Or perhaps some kind of visual hint (to customize that window's border color, etc), so in essence a way to customize the current window, although then that's perhaps less obvious than changing the title directly.


This is super helpful to me and Im sure it will benefit many more users as well, in the ear of explosive tabs! : )


Thank you so much.

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Yes, in fact there is a better way that not only covers Edge but any browser and program.

say hello to "multiple desktops"

you can rename each virtual desktop and open each of your always on Edge windows on them separately.

Hi @HotCakeX  :


Thank you for your reply.


I looked that up and it seems super helpful.

Yet I am using a  

I am still looking forward to that function/feature, so that mac users could easily navigate thier Edge windows for specific purposes.


Thanks for the info again.


This would be super valuable.  I too often have multiple tabs open to the same site (e.g. Azure Portal, different blades) and it would be extremely helpful to be able to rename tabs, even if only dynamically, for the life of the tab/browser session.