Anyone else also notices this black square at the end of every immersive reader page?




This mysterious square appears on every page I turn into immersive reader mode.

it happens on Edge canary, it happens on Edge stable (ver. 87 and 89)


I've sent feedback for this as I think it's not supposed to be there, clicking on it does nothing, so it's a redundant element.


if you can see the same thing on your Edge, please send feedback from Edge (shortcuts: Alt + Shift + i)

so that hopefully it will be taken care of in a future release.

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This is not a bug, this is "page end" sign


@msekmfb1 wrote:

This is not a bug, this is "page end" sign

I didn't say it's a bug.


it's not doing anything useful for me. there isn't page end sign in normal web pages, so wouldn't want it in immersive reader either.