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 I have animations in Windows turned off. In Chrome (stable) I cannot see the ripple or fade effects on buttons which is normal behaviour. Edge used to only have a fade effect when animations were turned on. Now most Edge buttons have a fade AND ripple effect even when animations are turned off! The few buttons that are not affected by this bug are the site info button, favourite button and the extension buttons. 


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animate controls and elements inside windows is turned off. disabling animations in the UWP Settings disables that and more. It's strange that both Control Panel and Settings still coexist

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I just tried this, when I set Windows effects set to adjust for best performance (uncheks all boxes), I only get fade animation. i don't know if it's even called animation since it's too quick and only happens immediately after mouse hover on bookmarks, all other buttons, options on the ellipsis menu list. on best appearance option (checks all boxes) I get slight ripple and fade animations.

I would make a gif or video to show u but currently too much personal info on my screen to blur x)

good to see someone else could repro it!

lol. i would make a gif or video too
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@pneenkoalabear Thanks for bringing this to our attention. If you haven't yet, can you please try this on all the Edge builds (Beta, Dev, and Canary) and let us know if there are any differences with the animations?


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Still happens on Canary and Dev. It defs has to do with Chromium 80 (and not Chromium 79). I have no idea how to view a list of commits between one version and another although I've heard of omaha proxy.

and thank you for looking at this issue! I was a bit worried that since this was old, you guys wouldn't see it. tysm

@pneenkoalabear Great, thank you for doing some digging. I will pass this along to our Animations product team.


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge