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Hello Everyone, I hope that everything is going well. I am a member of Windows 10 Insiders Program and I am always excited to try and test the latest features of the OS. I felt in love with the Edge Chromium, it's a big achievement from microsoft thanks to all Edge Team for their impressive work on it. I have just a request about animation effects ; While I am watching a video for example on Youtube and I want to switch to full screen mode I found it a little bit not attractive there is no animation to scale or emphasis the video from the small to full screen. In Safari browser, this feature work really good with youtube and others video platforms.

I wish that you consider this small request in the improvement process of Edge Chromium.

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I agree, on Firefox there is a nice animation when user switches to full screen and also when user exists full screen mode. it happens on all videos and not only YouTube. hope Microsoft does the same thing as Firefox did.

@HotCakeXI hope so too. 



yes i also want this animation in MS Edge (:

Yes I agree 100%, Without animations, scaling videos feels like stuttering.

This would make Edge the perfect browser for me, fits right in with the smoothness of the browser in general. The Firefox implementation is already not bad (maybe as an in between solution?), but the implementation of Safari really makes it perfect.

Yes, fullscreen animation is so bad.