An error occurred. (Error code: 9) (Extra code: 0)

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Getting error in Edge Canary 99.0.1138.0 MacOS 12.1, Macbook Air M1

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Thanks for reporting this, @xavieredouard! Is your Canary still updating itself even though it's showing this error on settings? You should see the v99.0.1140.0 build today, for instance. 


We recently released some fixes for this, but since you're seeing it on a very recent Canary build it looks like you might be hitting this error for another reason. Do you mind submitting feedback in browser (top right ... menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback), checking to include diagnostic data, and letting me know what you put in the description so I can grab it for the team to review?



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I am also facing same issue in MAC AIR . This issue started after version 100 . I am attaching screen shot 

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I have been seeing this error for a couple weeks now. I tried reinstalling but that doesn't fix it. Edge does seems to be updating itself okay. I'm using the M1 install on a Mac.

@dethier1958 .   Above issue automatically got resolved after Edge browser updated to Version 101.0.1210.32 (Official build) (x86_64)

@Alexandra-R I'm getting this error on Version 105.0.1332.0 (Official build) Canary (arm64) and on Version 105.0.1335.0 (Official build) Canary (x86_64).

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Getting this Error on the latest official Build on an iMac M1 with Sonoma. MS Office Updates perfectly fine. On Arm .55 still is the latest Version, .60 like on Windows, never got released for ARM.

Same here on M1 MacBook Pro running Sonoma 14.1 beta 3

Same situation in my case on MacBook M1 Pro.

An error occurred. (Error code: 9) (Extra code: 0)

Edge version: 117.0.2045.55 arm64

Same issue here on Intel macOS 13.6
Edge Version 117.0.2045.55 (Official build) (x86_64)

@Crosby_Loggins After updated Microsoft Edge version 118.0.2088.46 today, the error still occur when click check for update in Microsoft Edge. Error An error occurred. (Error code: 9) (Extra code: 0)

@xavieredouard getting this on MacBook Pro M1 as well now. Clearly there's a trend here. Also did a full re-install and still getting the same error.