Amazon, Netflix playback appears small in Edge Dev

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I'm using microsoft edge dev version 92.0.878.0. I think this has only been happening for a week or two (so probably just this version, can't confirm it occurs on earlier versions) but every time I try to watch a video on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or [redacted third service that starts with an H that I can't post here for some reason], it appears about 1/6 the size in the top right corner of the window. I have to full-screen it to get it to work. If I make it go fullscreen and then exit fullscreen again it displays correctly but if it loads another episode or I play something else manually it does it again. Hbo max, Disney+, and Discovery+ all work fine. I turned off all extensions and the problem still occurs. This happens across multiple services so it feels like a browser issue, plus it doesn't happen with those services in Chrome or Firefox. It also doesn't occur in Edge Version 90.0.818.56.


Have to attach a poorly taken picture because the copyright protection doesn't allow screenshots with any of those services. 

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confirming that this still occurs in edge dev version 92.0.884.2
Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I repro it as well and have logged a bug on it as priority 1.

Can't seem to reproduce the bug anymore on version 92.0.891.1 dev. thanks!

@Beric_I am facing the same problem when I try to play Netflix or amazon prime video and sometimes even videos play in a loop or lag a lot I don't know if it is my laptop or edge.


I am attaching the image below taken from my FM Snapchat :xd: