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Since the last 3 Canary updates the "Version 81.0.375.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)" of edge has become so not responsive that it is almost useless.   Every single website I visit I am having to wait for Edge to respond.  Sometimes crashing to desktop.   I have sent "x-Mr. Smiley's" on the problem with lots of attached info and another one today.   I've actually gone back to Edge Classic as of this post, because it is now faster, WAY faster than this current state of Edge Canary is....  


Now I do have a total of 28 Flags enabled, as well as 7 extensions, 2 of which are AdBlockers.  But I've had these right along, so not sure why they would start causing problems now after several months of having them.


Is there anyone else having "Not Responding" issues with Edge Canary "Version 81.0.375.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)"?



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I am having these exact problems with Google chrome stable now,
Version 79.0.3945.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)
my alternative browser is Edge canary where those websites have no problem loading.
one of them is LastPass, the other is VK, some other websites also make Google chrome unresponsive as well.
The only crash i am experiencing is this

I have no more than 5 flags enabled. if something has been working before doesn't guarantee that it should keep working. things change quickly in Canary channel
Yeah I've been having that problem too, "clear now" when clearing cache...

Using edge basic as even posting here with Edge Can is way to time consuming with the constant "not respondings"...


@Dennis5mile Thanks for letting us know. If you haven't yet, can you please try disabling all of your flags and extensions and letting us know if that changes anything? (I understand that they've been working fine until now, but I'd like to narrow the source of the issue down for our devs, if possible.)


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I have disabled all of my extensions (only had 1) and restored my flags back to their default values and this problem is still happening.
Been there done that... That is like one of the first things I'd say any tester would auto do... But anyway, thanks for the thoughts...

To me it feels more of a problem with Canary's ability to load and handle scripts/andorwhatever, that are being loaded when you visit a site....

posting from Dev, which is also having "not responding" issues but no where near as bad as Can.....
This is so strange, because out of no where with no changes made by me, Can is working super good like it always did before... no "not responding" and no "taking forever to load any sites".... Really Strange....


@Dennis5mile Great, I'm glad that you know exactly what to do. (We try not to make assumptions about people's technical expertise, so if you do any diagnostics or troubleshooting steps, let us know in your original post and we'll avoid asking you to repeat them. :smile:)

Hmmm... interesting! We're certainly glad that it's working well but please let us know if it becomes unresponsive again (and any circumstances around it) and we'll loop in our devs.




Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

Well, so much for Can running great again.... Back to "not responding" and taking almost 5 mins before it starts to respond again...... Have just sent an "x-Mr. Smiley" in on it with a repo and photo.


Ok, so I've had this problem since I first reported it and sent in lots of "x-Mr. Smiley's" on it.  I'm still having this issue but much worse now as it can take up to 5 minutes for it to finally start responding again, but only to stop responding again.   And now as of yesterdays update for Dev, Dev has now started this same problem.  So whatever was going on in Canary, has now been added to Dev and now they are both having issues with Not Responding..  


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