ALL BOOKMARKS BLOW UP! and some syncing bug

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I'm using Microsoft Edge Version 84.0.488.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


I double clicked RMB on bookmarks bar, and all the bookmarks was removed...

At first, i thought it was just temporary issue so i signed in and out, however it wasn't, and  I noticed that edge synced this bookmarks, and i got no bookmarks.



website Passwords doesn't sync in this device though i turned sync password option. I'm having hard time finding my passwords. 

Edge only has 'export password' but doesn't have 'import password from .csv file'

please make that option.


Extension syncing bug is also a nighmare.

The extensions from chrome store synced but not from edge add-ons.

It is serious problem.


I really don't recommend edge canary version due to unexpected bug and recommend always having backup file before using this

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Where in the bookmark/favorite bar did you click? which website that favorite belonged to?
it doesn't make sense with a double click everything get wiped out.

Between which devices, Edge channels/versions the passwords are not syncing properly?


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i know that it doesn't make sense but it's true and it was very embarrassing....

i double clicked with right mouse button on favorite bar

edge crashes four times yesterday


canary version passwords currently doesn't sync in this pc


and extensions from edge add-ons too