Address bar text size become smaller and I really don't like it

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It is intended for the address bar text size to become smaller? One thing I quite like about Edge is that most of the UI text size is quite large enough and not too large to be seen comfortably. Yet recently I noticed when I use the Edge Dev and Canary I have a strain looking at the address bar and I can't put it off why. That's when I noticed that the address bar text size have been reduced. 


By comparing the current Edge Stable at version 90 on the left and Edge Dev at version 91 on the right shown below. 


As you can see the address bar look almost the same yet the text size is actually smaller on the Dev version. This is really causing discomfort on my eye. 


PLEASE revert this change as it may actually irritate some people like me who have eyesight problems. 

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Hello. I am glad that this topic you wrote is very important for many people! I use high contrast and enlarged scaling throughout Windows! Please try such settings if you need to help you! You will see what the changes will be how you apply it - it is worth checking how it works!
Thanks for the reply. Well I probably won't be using high contrast nor even larger scaling than what I currently set for now but thanks for the advice anyway.

          Of course I understand      But someone else will read and maybe will know that it helps - you definitely know the black screen not everyone likes, but I'm still making changes to the video card!

Also keep in mind that such magnifications improve productivity there are no errors in not hitting the correct settings removal is certain that we remove what we want and many benefits to avoid error in settings caused by poor reading!

Wouldn't having the same size as in other UI elements be enough? Currently for me, the address bar font size is double that of other UI elements, so it looks alien, just plain ugly. I understand your pain, but if you can't comfortably see the font in the address bar, shouldn't you also increase the others?
I have increased scaling on in Windows and I am actually having the same issue as you, but instead of the address bar being bigger than the other things, it's smaller and harder to see. So having the address bar scale properly with the other UI elements as you mentioned, would be better.

That way, those who have smaller scaling would be able to have a smaller address bar and those with bigger scaling like me, would be able to have a bigger address bar.
Hi all worth talking about it because there are a lot of accessibility, which work really very well, but require manual adjustment and skills often this is the biggest obstacle, cobbles default settings that would change everything in a few steps - unfortunately it is not!
Yeah, I don't like it either. Sent the feedback through Alt+Shift+I

Hello everyone. I'll add a screenshot of what it looks like with high contrast and high scaling - maybe someone will see that this can be set. and it will be a tip for him!