Adding a Work Profile in Edge

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Hello All,


I've come up with an issue which has brought me here.

When adding an additional Work profile (admin account) to my Edge Profile,

I keep getting an error message.

"Can't Sign in to email address removed for privacy reasons

this email address is already associated with another profile"

When I go to add the work (admin account) profile it has its own unique email address that it's not the one shown in error message" e.g email address removed for privacy reasons

email address removed for privacy reasons email address is the one I'm currently logged in and it works fine.

I want to add email address removed for privacy reasons  but it gives me above error message. I've signed out of my profile. I've deleted cookies/password etc.


FYI this has worked before with no issues so no sure why it's not working now.

I have the most updated password for my admin account that i want to add as a new profile.


It works Incognito mode in Edge and Chrome.


Any help is appreciated.
Happy Friday

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