Added support for the Roaming Profile Location upstream Chromium management policy.


On dev 82.0.453.2 added features there was this note:

Added support for the Roaming Profile Location upstream Chromium management policy


What exactly this means?  I thought this chrome policy would be added yo Edge:


But policy templates doesn't has anything about rooming profiles. Browser edge://policy also doesn't has anything with rooming profile.

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@mindst Thanks for reaching out.


@josh_bodner It looks like it was from this Dev update. Do you have any insights?


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@mindst you linked to a different policy than what was mentioned in the release notes; I assume you meant to paste this one:  Looking back on it, I don't think I actually should have mentioned this in here.  Our intention with enabling support for this policy was that it would be part of our broader work to support syncing for on-prem accounts, but that work isn't done yet.  Nor, for that matter, is our ability to support roaming profile data in general, which makes this particular policy, on its own, pretty useless.  



Is there a reference or blog on the progress with Edge Sync in on-prem environments?

I had seen a reference that the "RoamingProfileSupportEnabled" was implemented in v82 Beta, but in testing v83, it still doesn't seem to be implemented. This is how we currently roam Chrome favorites/settings - that policy creates a single profile.pb file that we then roam with UEV - works great for roaming between our desktops and Citrix environment without using roaming profiles.


@Rob Gura The issue here is likely UEV.  We currently don't support it as a method for syncing Edge data locally.  We're looking into a way to officially support this scenario, but don't yet have a committed date for this.