Add tools for "Profile Preferences for Sites"

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For automatic profile switching to be truly useful, please add a button in URL window for Profile, which would allow me to:

  • Add current site to current profile
  • Move current site to another profile

Also, the sites in the list should be synced and/or exportable. For example, when I moved from Edge to the Edge Dev channel, most of my settings did sync but NOT the list of Profile Preferences for Sites. I'd like to be able to:

  • Sync these Profile Preferences for Sites as part of the normal Sync set
  • Export this list and import it for other users (i.e. standard list of corporate sites within the org)
    • Manually, as well as programatically / via policy
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I have just started using two profiles to keep my work and personal stuff private. I add a URL to the Profile Preferences for Sites at work, then when I come home (WFH) that URL is not there - so I need to remember and add it again. So a sync of these profile preferences would be a great addition.
Agreed. These settings need to be exportable and sync for users who have BYOD and do not join any Azure AD or AD infrastructure to get GPO's. It is a pain to have to reconfigure this setting each time I get a new PC, or have another workstation where I need Edge configured the same way.