Add tools for "Profile Preferences for Sites"

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For automatic profile switching to be truly useful, please add a button in URL window for Profile, which would allow me to:

  • Add current site to current profile
  • Move current site to another profile

Also, the sites in the list should be synced and/or exportable. For example, when I moved from Edge to the Edge Dev channel, most of my settings did sync but NOT the list of Profile Preferences for Sites. I'd like to be able to:

  • Sync these Profile Preferences for Sites as part of the normal Sync set
  • Export this list and import it for other users (i.e. standard list of corporate sites within the org)
    • Manually, as well as programatically / via policy
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I have just started using two profiles to keep my work and personal stuff private. I add a URL to the Profile Preferences for Sites at work, then when I come home (WFH) that URL is not there - so I need to remember and add it again. So a sync of these profile preferences would be a great addition.