Add the epub reader from EdgeUWP to Edge Chromium.

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I know this might be considered a 'niche' feature for some, as I see it's left out of a lot of the feature suggestions for the new Edge; however, alongside the other inking/reading features in old Edge, I used this feature quite frequently. It's great for students/academics. For extra context, I never purchased books from Microsoft's books section of the Microsoft Store--not one, but I definitely used epub files in Edge. Additionally, because there's no other native e-reader in Windows 10, as there is on iOS, MacOS, and most Android-based devices in some capacity, and the e-readers in the Microsoft Store are terrible, this feature is desperately needed for those who use it. What's the point of having Windows 10 devices be touch-enabled without a decent e-reader??

Frankly, this feature distinguished Edge from other browsers for me and was the only reason I kept it on my taskbar as other work that I do required the blink engine. New Edge needs to remain competitive with other browsers, and this would be one way to do it. Otherwise, a native reader separately packaged with OneDrive integration for libraries would be amazing--but I think that could usefully be done here.

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@rsfarris I would like to see it too, but I think it will not be avaliable anymore. Maybe in another application... Microsoft is ending her Book Store... Here, in Brazil, Microsoft did not release this feature.

I agree if not in the new edge microsoft should make a bookreader (epub/pdf) cause the one in the UWPEdge now is really good, using some non Windows 10 PCs made me see how bad other epub/fdf readers are.
Nothing quicker than the EdgeHTML render for PDF files. Don't think that EdgeChromium will ever match the speed.

MS pulled the PDF reader UWP application from the Windows Store prior to integrating PDF view into EdgeHTML.

Maybe they can rerelease the previous PDF reader that they had on the Windows Store.
Agreed. I miss the convenience of not having to install third party software for my epubs. It was a lot simpler to use Edge. Here's hoping they do bring something similar to this new browser.

@felipecarboneri  Wrong. The EPUB format is used by Saraiva Editor for many books and, actually, Windows 10 Edge supports this format. 

WIndows 10 has a free app named FREDA to create EPUB ebooks, for newcoming writers.

@rsfarris vollkommene Zustimmung. 

Old Edge ist mein Standard Tool für die Anzeige von EPub und PDF. Ein Betriebssystem wie W10 muss Standardformate anzeigen können. OLD Edge leistete dies. New Edge benötigt mehr Zeit um ein PDF zu laden. Ausserdem scrollt er nicht so smooth. Sollte die Fähigkeit EPubs anzuzeigen nicht mehr unterstützt werden, wäre das eine Schande. 

@PHGJ_1957 From my experience, Frieda is not an equal to Edge in the speed of load/paging turning or rendering as Edge was. It also lacks settings to use the default settings for the book, which makes the reading experience less than pleasant. Unfortunately, none of the epub readers for Windows have what I would consider to be an equivalent experience to what iOS provides out of the box. I traded in my iPad for a Surface Go because I thought I could finally had the right size device and reader app to so on Windows, but now I fear I may regret that choice. There are already warnings in the classic Edge that they will disable epub reading in the near future, which seems unnecessary. 

I 100% support this. UWP Edge is by far the best and most functional epub reader I've used, and I've used a lot of them. It's the best when it comes to displaying the books as they are supposed to look like. And with features like Immersive Reader, it beats and any other epub reader app. While adding this to Chromium Edge may be a challenge, I say do it because that'll give Edge a definitive edge over other Chromium based browsers. And if that's not possible, at least make it available as an extension, or hell maybe make a new app for reading epubs, maybe add support for mobi, cbr, pdf, djvus too, make an ultimate UWP ebook reader. @rsfarris 

@csantigo At least the old UWP edge could be turned back to Reader. And the new edge would be just a browser. (I don't really need support for more than PDF and EPUB thanks to calibre E-book manager in it I convert MOBI to EPUB and CBZ to PDF)

@KoleckOLP Oh no I just read the message that says .epub reading will be discontinued. Microsoft please let us side load the old UWP edge, I can't find any E-book reader that does .pdf and .ebup in one program and make it look and feel as good as MS EDGE.

@rsfarris I endorse this. Microsoft has an epub reader. It will be great if it is provided as a standalone app with sync support to OneDrive to back up and load books, highlights, annotations, etc.

The old Edge was a fantastic app to read epubs. The integration with Cortana, the dictionary, the grammar features, the reading aloud option. Other apps are not just as fast, stylish, and functional like Edge. Hope they consider the possibility on making it possible to read ePubs on the new Edge as well.

I absolutely agree. As I find out today that I can no longer use the old Edge browser to open epub files, it must have been due to the last automated system update few days ago. In my experience, the Edge browser is the best reader when it comes to epub files. It beats all other apps I have tried. I consider it a major feature of Windows 10, and especially so for Surface book users.


Here are some suggestions for the solution:

1 - Add the epub feature to the new Edge browser, which is the best way to do it. or

2 - Make a separate epub reader as a windows 10 standard app, and the notes and highlights from the old Edge browser can be transferred to the new app. 



I'm not seeing any reason to use MS Edge anymore after this update.


We need the new Edge to support ePub and PDFs





@rsfarris I have specifically stopped one of my small Dell tablets from updating an older insider build just to preserve the legacy Edge ePub reader for as long as possible. It is just so good - fast, elegant, stylish, integrated dictionary at the tap of any word, Cortana, read aloud, simple light and dark themes, chapter location and book name at a simple tap and just functional overall. It would surprise you how many ePub readers miss these simple key features. Simple and to the point, just like a real book, no unnecessary bloat and junk. Please consider re-enabling this feature on legacy Edge, or at least release it as a standalone app in the Microsoft Store