Add table of contents / bookmarks / document outline in PDF viewer

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I would like to see a feature in PDF reader. Currently there is no such option available in the PDF viewer in Edge Chromium. Such option was available in old Edge browser but the best example would be in Mozilla Firefox. See the picture attached.


With long PDF documents, it is useful to browser around with the table of content visible on the left hand side all the time. It is kind of work that I do, I have to go through a lot of PDF documents and most of them are online and so opening directly in the browser is much quicker and easy.


Because of this missing functionality in Edge Chromium, I have to use Mozilla Firefox for that particular website.


Please consider adding this feature as soon as possible.

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Agreed, these features are present in Foxit reader and it makes PDF reading a lot easier.

PDF inking is planned to come some time next month



Just came across this extension available on Chromium webstore which is based on pdf.js used in Mozilla Firefox. What are the chances of porting the extension into Edge Chromium and then probably changing the interface to match the current Edge PDF viewer. We get all the features available there in Edge Chromium.

I think it's up to the extension developer to do that, Microsoft would need to seek permission from them first

@hiren1610 I would add to your list bring back from Edge HTML the page view (layout), including the option of having two pages side by side with the option of having the first page in separate. It is simply bring all of the Edge options including epub support.

Just a bump to see if there is any update to this request. I hope any of the Microsoft team members are noticing this request and reply!


As bookmarks are more important for me to go through a lot of PDF documents every day, I stopped using the default pdf viewer in Edge. I am using another extension instead. This way I don't have to open any external pdf document, I can avoid downloading the pdf files as well along with deleting them from disk after use.


  1. From settings I have turned on the option "Always open PDF files externally".
  2. Installed chrome extension :
  3. Configured settings for the extension : "Sidebar state on load : Show document oultine in sidebar"
  4. It works like charm and has all the required features.

Until Microsoft improves on the pdf reader, I hope this helps someone in need.

Classic Edge had been my go-to pdf reader because it has nice interface to bookmarks (Table of Contents) and supports inking/highlighting in the pdf.  I can view a textbook, mark it up with my pen (Surface Pro) and save it.  Nice!


Chromium Edge (stable version) isn't there yet, it doesn't support bookmarks and has only one pen width/color -- and doesn't yet support pen eraser.  From what I've seen, expanded pen support will be available, not sure about bookmarks.  Bookmarks are critical and were nicely done in Classic Edge.


Chromium Edge supports drag-and-drop of pdf file, Classic Edge did not.  Good for Chromium Edge!