Add sort favorites by date/recent

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Those of us with a LOT of favorites are glad to have the sort by name, but there is frequently the need to sort by date added to bubble up the favorite you added recently. While we're adding sort options, how about adding  the "reverse" option for both by name and by date?


There seems to be a lot of discussion on favorite sorting, but no real discussion of this topic recently.

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This is something I really need as well.
when you sort your favorites by name, there is no way to go back. there is no option to sort them by date or recent order.

@Garlon Arthur  i have the same idea




Additional new suggestions (not posted on chromium or edge website before)


- i wish a way to open random url inside a specific bookmark folder without need to use extensions too.

- maybe a way that bookmarks can create subfolders and move the items in such subfolders automatically (example by date of creation), a bit something like in the style of chrome extension autobookmarks for url organization.

- from

if you mean the bookmarks panel, now there is no way to pin url, and even no way to delete all except pinned urls (outside you select all and deselect the pinned, or you select all other).  i think they should add such pin urls too (or even pin folders) in case you want to reorder the urls.

- there is no way to fix url too (this doesn't mean pin to top, but url cannot be reordered).



similar suggestions (related to bookmarks topic):

now there is no way to merge url in folder, like we can do in finder. we always need to create a folder in bookmarks and then move links to such folder

add a way to search a specific folder and not always the whole bookmark....

add export selective bookmarks without need to add a specific extension for that. if we want to add 40k bookmarks, a lot of time the app simply crash... (avast, ghostbrowser, etc.) so would be much faster by importing only 2k items, instead of 40k.

plus sometimes i only want to transfer x bookmarks between chrome account, not all my bookmarks...


@edgesuggestions These items are only similar because they mention favorites. This request is for a unique specific new functionality involving the sorting of favorites within a folder. It does not involve searching or merging. I guess these must be automated "suggestions". In this case, the AI got it only 10% correct.

@Garlon Arthur  yes i know, this is why i added you to , because you suggested a different suggestion that i wish too, and this is still in the same topic "bookmarks" (without considering now suggestions related to the bookmarks bar at all)


PS: i edit the first comment, maybe now is more clear and i added 2 additional suggestions, after reading another post.


PS2: same problem available in chrome. this post has been submitted to edge feedback center

Edge only needs to fix their own problem, not all chromium-based browsers'.

@HotCakeX  what are you talking about? 

edge is a "copy" of chrome, offering different features too. if chromium devs fix the problem, edge devs don't need to do itself, or they just need to make small change.

no one is asking that edge need to fix issue from other browser (and i never posted issues with google or chrome store directly in edge website). suggestions that i send to edge should be implemented to all my 50+ browsers that i use, then each devs decide what to implement. Better solution is that chromium implement such suggestions, so that other 30+ chromium based browser don't need to repeat same things (this is the reason why now i write directly chromium link inside new suggestion too, in this way edge devs can check what google devs write about this topic).


so it doesn't matter if the browser is chromium, webkit, firefox based. the only problem is that chromium devs, like firefox, brave and even apple devs, are a bit (or better completely total) against "suggestions" (even if they offer feedback plattform). Until now in my opinions the order from best to worse devs: edge, ghostbrowser, opera (there is a way to talk, they implement things) to chrome/firefox/brave/apple*/maiar etc. (no way to talk or they ignore all, or or...)


*for example 400+ of 400+ suggestions (= all) ignored in the last 2 years


About previous links, they are all (or at least the most) as won't fix, since they banned me after sending 60 post in few hours, by adding batch won't fix (like i wrote in my first post). i will reopen the case in future by sending only few each time, and then edge devs will receive the link for each post (for the same reason i wrote before**). i wrote such suggestions here (even new suggestions) because is the same topic. 

** at the end edge devs have already read the suggestions in chromium website. i just added a better view here, so that same suggestions can be seen as 1.

@Garlon Arthur 

The solution is to use Collections rather than Favorites (Bookmarks),
because a Collection can be sorted by Name, Date, and Recently used,
in addition to being more modern and capable than Favorites.