Add Extension Support for Android version of Edge browser

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It's possible, there are browsers like Kiwi that support it. would be great if Microsoft Edge did the same and allowed our extensions used in desktop to be used on Android phones and tablets too.

of course this needs to be considered in the process of revamping the current Edge Android version and swapping its engines.

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Hi @HotCakeX, this is a great suggestion.  I will make sure that the team that does our mobile browsers see it.  Thanks - Elliot

Thank you, that's all I was hoping for :)

@Elliot Kirk I've never seen this feedback/suggestion appeared on any feedback summary post.

I'm a bit worry about the team didn't take this serious.
For users with highly customization needs, add extension support for Android/IOS is most important.
Despite Firefox for Android can do that, Chromium is better at performance.

If Edge based on chromium can satisfy users with performance, sync and extension for all major platform like Windows, MacOS and Android/IOS.

I think I will definitely choose Edge for my idiomatic browser.

Thanks for the support
This is the feature I need to switch from Chrome. The only reason I don't use other browsers that have it like Kiwi is because I need inline translation. Only Chrome and Edge do translation well. If Edge had extensions (ideally including Chrome extensions), it would have the... edge!

Once Chromium Edge comes to Linux, I'd then be in a position to switch on my laptop as well which is presumably what MS is trying to achieve in making Edge fully cross platform.

For Inline translation, you can use Google translate app on Android which has an overlay or even tap to translate feature, works on all apps, not only on browsers.

+1 for this feature request!
The only thing that keeps me on Firefox for Android is that it allows custom extensions, and I need Tampermonkey to for running custom user scripts.

In the past 2 years I switched from the following browsers in my quest to find the perfect one :)

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Brave

If Edge will ever support extensions in Android I will switch again in a heartbeat to Edge.

Firefox is the most decent choice in that list
1. it has extension support on mobile
2. it's not connected to Google ecosystem.

@HotCakeX The problem with Firefox on Android with uBlock was that is was really slow browsing experience.

Oh, which phone were you using if i may ask?

good idea

Was 2 years ago when I switched from Chrome to Firefox. I think it was a Samsung A5 at that time.
Well i'd try it again now, lots of things changed since 2 years ago.

@Elliot Kirk any update about adding the extensions feature, please..

Tested it again this week but one of the most import addons is not available that I need to access work sites.
Sorry, it's not available on where?

@HotCakeX You said I should try Firefox again, so I did but the Windows 10 Account extensions is missing from there. There is only a ported version.