Add Bookmark Flyout Right side menu to your Edge insider


Hello everyone,

I've seen lots of people asking for a flyout menu style for bookmarks just like old Edge and i personally would love that too. so while we're waiting for the Edge developers to make decisions as to whether implement it or not, I've found an extension that gives Edge insider the same ability in a more beautiful way!


Annotation 2019-09-03 155554.png


you can even position the menu to open on the right or left side! (+1 feature)

Annotation 2019-09-03 155540.png



also when you hover your mouse close to the right/left edge (depending on your preference), a sidebar will appear allowing you to bring up your favorites menu with a click or touch.


Annotation 2019-09-03 155720.png


when you install the extension, an icon will appear at the top of the browser in the extension area and you can right-click on it and choose "extension option" to modify it.


i've used it on Edge Canary and works perfectly. as you can see it has lots of more features and room for modification and personalization than the old Edge could ever provide. I hope the Edge team consider these features. but due to the fact that the engine of this browser is based on chromium so you literally have countless possibilities to change and add whatever you like to it.


It's open-source, safe and the code is available on Github for everyone to review.


Extension store download link (easy way):


Github download link:



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Really cool looking extension, @HotCakeX.  Everyone, let me know how well you feel this satisfies your need for a favorites flyout!  Thanks- Elliot

Good evening @Elliot Kirk 


I really do enjoy this Add Bookmark Flyout. I haven't had this installed for to long so I am still trying it out. Very cool IMO. Thank you @HotCakeX 


But I like more "stuff" anyways. :lol:

Hi, glad to know you're enjoying it ^^

@Elliot Kirk 


I sort of like  it.

+ It puts the menu in the right place

+ The open/close animations are good (very edge like)

+ You can change the color of folder (so that we can get our yellow folders back)


Issues it doesn't solve

 - the right icon clipboard_image_1.png

 - the sub menu    clipboard_image_0.png


Issues it creates

 - Another plugin that can break and has to be verified for each upgrade


Could this plugin be merged into the base release, connected to the right favorites icon and the submenu added - then I would be happy.


The current menu is way to chrome-ish


That is a cooool extension. Thank you for that tipp!

You're welcome :)

@HotCakeX This is very sexy, thank you for sharing it.
@Elliot Kirk I think the extension does a perfect job, you should definitely try to merge this behaviour for the current favorites button