Add an OPTION to show each tab as a separate thumbnail on taskbar

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Please add an option to show each single tab you've opened as a thumbnail when you hover Edge icon on windows taskbar; just like it is in IE since version 8. It was very handy, I've spent years looking for the same functionality in other browsers. Actually in the first year of Chrome existence it has such an option, but it was later abolished. Now this feature finally get done in latest Firefox versions (not by default, just an option, and this is what I'm asking for).

Many of you may say that it's wierd asking for a function which was in obsolete IE but understand my feelings, IE11 was a pretty solution for the days it was released, after that IE development was closed and the MS gave us Edge. They made a new browser from the scratch, they even took its icon. That's ok. But hey, where are the original features from good old IE? They leaved us without them. The only option is discontinued IE. So please add there features back, best of them like separate thumbnails, cross sign in the end of the lines of suggestion list (which will delete selected history item), looped suggestion list (when you press UP on the first line, you get to the last line et vice verca). That was a good small things many won't even ever use, but I doubt that browser will get larger or slower with them, it'll become just prettier. So, you've decided to start development of new browser from a blank page, take the fastest engine and wrap it into good shell with features tested with time.

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Thank you for taking the time to share these suggestions.  I can definitely see how bringing back some of the features from Internet Explorer could be useful. I will relay these suggestions to the product team for review.



thanks a lot for improving UP and DOWN behavior in address bar! it's really means a lot for me, I have literally checked if that functionality added every time when I get updated Canary version! so thank you for hearing us!

I hope many other small but pretty tweaks will be added soon as well! such as option for separate page thumbnails when hovering edge icon on the taskbar or button which allows quick deletion of the entire history item from suggestion list