Add ability to add "Sub-groups" to "Groups"

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I'd like the ability to add sub-groups to groups (edge://flags/#tab-groups), I would find it helpful for my work. I've already sent feedback (Alt+Shift+I). Hope you have a great day!

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You can create different windows for that purpose (you can also name them if you want), but added subgroups, NO. that would unnecessarily clutter the browser.


Name a window. right-click on the Edge bar at the top




create a new window: drag & drop tabs or right-click on a tab and select move to new window

I meant how does it clutter the browser, @HotCakeX, but if you meant to reply to me only, then I'd say naming windows consumes CPU. It would be nice if we could name tabs. It'd be cool. Sending feedback now

Tabs have their own names; they get it from site title.
you can create groups and name them instead.
I agree with the fact that hussain5416 mentioned, it would clutter the browser and it's unnecessary, because there are lots of features to manage tabs already.
tab groups, different windows, naming each window, virtual desktop to separate multiple windows, using multiple Edge profiles and move tabs between them easily.
@HotCakeX We should be able to name tabs ourselves. If I like it, I can vote for it. Who said no?
There is nothing to vote, if you like it then send feedback.
but when you post in as discussion in forum publicly, people can disagree.

@Kam Is it possible to add sub groups to Edge tabs groups? I agree that it would appear cluttered, but is it possible?