Add a close button on the icon of the vertical tabs.

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When using Microsoft Edge with the vertical tab,
there is no easy way to quickly close the tabs.

I believe adding a close button near the icon of the tab will help to close unwanted tabs more quicker.

Like the pic showing.

螢幕擷取畫面 2023-03-01 173900.png

I understand that it may make the view look ugly,
but if it will display immediately only if the mouse hovers on it will make it better.

Since using ctrl + w to closing the tab can only close the tab I am looking at, not the very specific unwanted tab.

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You can go to settings and turn on double-click to close tab.

@jimmyyy Middle button click (scroll button) will close the tab, or if you increase a bit the vertical tab width the "x" will appear

"increase a bit the vertical tab width"
Do you mean to increase the vertical tab width when the mouse is hovering over it? If yes, I think it is quite slow to wait for it pops up.

Anyway, thank you.:smile: