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about math solver, you can only capture content displayed in the browser, as for example on a website or pdf file, but the capture does not work on other applications of pc, as word, excel, or teams or other ... So it's not complete...

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Math solver in Edge is only intended to be used in Edge browser, its Edge browser implementation has never meant to be used for other applications outside the browser.


for other use cases, you can use the official website:
in there you can also find links to Android and IOS apps, that will enable you to use Math Solver on your mobile.


in OneNote Windows 10 app, Math Solver is built in.


Also for Excel and Office 365 apps:


I was talking about other places on computer, which are not necessarily in the browser, as from an open photo in the "photo" app of windows, and that is therefore not in the browser ...
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You can drag and drop the photo on Edge and use Math solver on it. but no, there isn't an app for it for Windows.
or type "Math solver" in Bing,
or use mobile app to scan the picture on your computer screen.

I haven't found a way to send suggestion/feedback for Math Solver on their website. the most suitable place i can think of is Feedback hub app.
You can take a screenshot and drag the file into Edge tab strip, then you can use math solver on it