A website works on Stable but not on Beta/Dev

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I am a Beta Channel user. When I was browsing as usual yesterday, I noticed that a website (China Eastern Airlines, does not work on Edge Beta with the following message:


I thought this was an error on the website itself, although I can access the website on other platforms. Today, the problem persists, and I install Edge Stable Channel, it works fine:


I also install a fresh Dev Channel, and the same generic "Try again" message appears again.


So it cannot be a problem of the website itself, but one that is unique to Beta/Dev Channel? Tried restarting/checking firewall settings/reinstalling Beta/repairing Beta/changing IPV4/6/installing Dev/Canary. Nothing helps, but it always works on the Stable, and every other website also works fine on any channel.


Very curious and frustrated, wondering if other people can recreate this problem or if it's just me, and hopefully someone can help me figure this out. Thx!

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p.s. Changing http/https does not help either:



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Maybe the version number is greater than 100.

@beta_alwaysThx! I checked, and you are right! I noted Beta is in 100 and Stable is in 99. I guess the site owners just didn't bother to check compatibility. For now I'm using #force-major-version-to-minor in Beta to circumvent this. Hopefully this does not create other problems on other sites.