A really crazy suggestion

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Being able to display two sites at the same time in the same browser...

I know, I know... it's a crazy idea even for my crazy standards... lol



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All they have to do is to make the sidebar resizable, that will do it.

other options: two windows, two edge or vivaldi for example (there are other browsers too). there are extensions too, but i never tried it.


PS: is not crazy, i did a similar suggestion to vivaldi VVSS3 (cannot post 3. links...).



2 of 10+ suggestions that i wrote today to edge devs were about this topic, but more related to the fact that i use 2 browser in 1 display, so i use edge with small size... 


EDIT: just added it to ***moreedgesuggestions



"EDIT: just added it to ***moreedgesuggestions"


Thanks. Is ***moreedgesuggestions a site or a username?


EDIT: found it --> https://onelinkbio.com/moreedgesuggestions