A few updates from the Microsoft Edge team!


Hello Microsoft Edge Insiders,


We hope y'all are having a good December so far. The team has a couple of announcements to share with you!


  1. The Microsoft Edge team will be “out-of-office” for the winter holidays, so next week’s (12/15) Dev channel update will be the last one of 2020. There are also no major scheduled updates for Beta or Stable during this time. However, Canary should be updated nearly every day except the exact holiday days (December 24th and 25th, and January 1st, 2021). We will update this post if that changes, though.
  2. Going forward, if you find a bug, first please report it through the in-browser feedback tool. ( menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback). If you need personalized help with troubleshooting an issue, especially if it relates to your specific device or account, please contact our Insider Customer Support team. This is a small, specially trained team to solely support our Insider community, so they can provide the 1:1 assistance that you or your Enterprise environment might need.
  3. In some bittersweet news: @fawkes will be pursuing another opportunity outside of Microsoft, so please join us in wishing them farewell in the comments below! If something urgently needs attention and it’s beyond the scope of our Insider support team, you can tag me (@MissyQ), @josh_bodner, and/or @Elliot Kirk into your thread in the comments. (With great power comes great responsibility, so please don’t just “bump” threads or add tags unnecessarily.)
  4. We’re thinking of starting a FAQ for new community members! What would you like to see on it? What do you wish you knew as a new member? Comment below!
  5. We’re also considering adding the "Ideas" section to our page, like what’s on the Community Lounge. What do you think?
  6. After feedback from some of you in our quarterly survey, as well as our own observations, we'll also be updating our community guidelines when we return in 2021. Keep an eye out for more on this next month!

We hope you’re staying safe, and please enjoy all of the latest Microsoft Edge features!

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Thanks for informing us,

it's sad to see Fawkes is leaving Microsoft, we had a short opportunity to be with them in the community, nevertheless, I wish them success wherever they go and work.


it's totally understandable the situation during holidays and how team members can be busy with their own families, but I'm also glad Canary will get more updates.


I think a FAQ, shown to new members and Pinned to the top of the community, is great, so newcomers and existing members will read it.

I think the #2 deserves to be in the FAQ, it's important.



Ideas section is also great, but with the ability to Downvote as well as upvote.

downvoting is very important. but upvotes also means that how many people agree with a feature request, change or similar things, so that's a much-appreciated move.



by the way, I don't think I took part in the quarterly survey so I'm just going to put my suggestion here, based on what I've experienced: (these rules exist in various other communities on the Internet and have already proven to be useful)



Change the name of the thumbs up button from "Like" to "Like/Thanks"

the use of the 'Like / Thanks' button is preferred over simply posting 'Thanks' or something similar. it makes an excessive amount of posts which add little to nothing to a topic.



Add a requirement to the forum for minimum number of characters required for a comment to be posted under a thread. this will potentially prevent posts that have contents similar to: "Yes, me too, same here, I like it, I don't like it, I want it, true, +1, false, etc. "
(character requirement can be 10-15)

It will help posts to be more explanatory, technical and detailed. 

Don't bypass any filters, included but not limited to: writing the F-word in a different manner or fashion that is not detected by the forum software's filter.


@MissyQShoutout to the Microsoft Edge team for creating such a wonderful browser!


Like HotCakeX has stated, it's sad to see fawkes go. Who will take care of my sidebar search bug?


P.S. I wish I had known about Edge in 2019. I really missed all the cool features and had transferred my personal information to Google without even knowing it.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Hi team and fellow insiders,

Hope everyone is safe and ready for the holidays. Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It is sad to see Fawkes leaving us. But it's equally awesome to see them pursuing their career ahead. I wish the best of luck for their endeavors ahead! :)


The Edge team has done a fantastic job through the year, so please just sign out of your devices, and enjoy this time with your families and friends. You totally deserve it! (This is a typical advice that I have heard from many Microsofties, so here I am xD!)

We all will report the bugs through the browser and will reach out to the Support team in case it is required.


Having a set of Community guidelines are very much required because we are a huge community. So it can be made as a post and can be pinned to the forum. I suggest the post can also have a welcome section, where all the relevant details are provided to the new insiders.

I also support the creation of the Ideas section, with the support to upvote or downvote the ideas, with valid long arguments in the comments. 



I hope the bugs that have appeared recently will be fixed before the holidays so :)

@fawkes I wish you good luck and you did awesome job in community. In some platforms we have ability to praise people, we don't have such function in this platform , however consider this post as praise.


Thank you team for your hard work and contribution, from response from community and what I am observing, Microsoft Edge doing great job.


Regarding to FAQ, may be you could add information about how submit feedback and what will happen after submit feedback and many people ask why they won't see response once they send feedback and so on. Some explanation about different builds (there are articles available may be pointing to those articles).


Regarding to add Idea option, I shared this idea and really happy to see it is happening and I am 100% agreed and hope to see it soon.


I also hope to update community guideline, because some rules and regulations are not there or clear and it will cause negative experience in this forum and hopefully by updating the guideline but properly enforcing it , we would have healthier community and better user experience.





@MissyQ, you should post this over on the Edge Insider site,.

@MissyQ   Hi, you asked if I had any recommendations for Edge and Windows Insiders to learn about.


I'd like updates and descriptions of new features, explaining where to find them and what they are.  I haven't really seen any differences so far.  Except for the Favorites in Edge BETA.  I wish it would open wider for a greater view.  I have many folders and sub-folders.


Thank you,

Patricia Manroe






@pjmanroe wrote:

@MissyQ   Hi, you asked if I had any recommendations for Edge and Windows Insiders to learn about.


I'd like updates and descriptions of new features, explaining where to find them and what they are.  I haven't really seen any differences so far.  Except for the Favorites in Edge BETA.  I wish it would open wider for a greater view.  I have many folders and sub-folders.


Thank you,

Patricia Manroe





there are various places for it,

You can learn about Edge features in here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/edge/features

also here, for insiders: https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/en-us/whats-new

you can find more technical information in Microsoft docs: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-relnote-stable-channel

if you have any question regarding anything Edge related, you can ask the community:


new features that are added to Stable or Beta are listed here:




I wish they would be like firefox or vivaldi or the old edge where it would give you a front page of a update list-legacy Edge. Firefox/VIvdai in update tab, it has a link to waht is new

New Edge does that.
I remember when I first installed Edge stable, I was taken to a page that told me about new features, just like Edge legacy.


This is it:


And this:



Not the same from legacy. I mean every time there is a update. Not just the first time installing.
I want to have that since I know what is the update and why I need it
Maybe some users won't like to see it every time Edge updates.
it's not always the major updates that bring new features (e.g. 87=> 88), smaller updates also add new features, so having those pages open every time would be annoying, it would be for me.

this information is always available to everyone, from ... menu => Help and Feedback => What's new and Tips

that's a non-intrusive way :)
Alright, I was more saying like in Firefox, in the edge://help page, there is a link to what's new.
I think that sound good too
Thanks for that "Ideas" section. It was highly needed. It would be great if there will be some kind of upvote/downvote system, btw Happy New Year everyone :grinning_face:
Ideas section will have upvote, just like other ideas section of the community, but I'm not sure about the downvote. i also think it's very important to Downvote suggestions and ideas.


I am seeing this late but by chance, if you come here. I want to tell you that you are a nice and kind person. Whenever I asked you questions, you always answered them. You helped the Microsoft Edge Insider Community to grow bigger and kept it active. You used to reply to the issues and they used to be there till the appropriate engineer didn't use to see it. Whenever I used to miss checking the Microsoft Edge Insider Channels and coming to this community. I used to miss you, @HotCakeX, @MissyQ and @josh_bodner a lot. At last, I want to say that it was always nice to see you in the Microsoft Edge Insider community and I wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors.



About the Ideas Space in Microsoft Edge Insider Community suggestion, @HotCakeX had originally put up this idea and I put up the same idea for bringing this to attention. I think it will be a nice add-up to the Microsoft Edge Insider Community as members can see the suggestion and upvote it there and there and they would not have to create their own feedbacks and send it and other people can see and add to the suggestion there and there and other people and Microsoft Edge Insiders will able to see it and discuss it.