A Chromium Edge dino-esque game

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It's a very small, quite insignificant feature request, however I was curious if there was any way to create a game for when users of Edge are offline, quite similar to the dino game of Google Chrome. Maybe something like Clippy's Adventure or some sort of "Easter egg" for the fans. Could help improve engagement as well as build a fan base, similar to that of Chrome!
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@Elijah Weitzman 

Now that you mention it, I'm suprised about:dino doesn't work. Wonder why MS decided to remove it.

Probably copyright reasons. It is a Google-developed game, and I don't think any other Chromium-based browsers use it...


For years now, Microsoft has had a policy to not include easter-eggs in products. We will likely not see this or something similar ever.

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Hi, Microsoft has added a game to Edge which is a lot cooler than expected!

Edge automatically offers to play it when Internet connection is lost but you can also play it with Internet if you go to this URL: edge://surf/


Gameplay video: https://streamable.com/tj4jj


p.s it's currently available only on Edge version 82 onward