100% CPU usage since Edge 105 on Mac M1 ?

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After browsing for a little while, CPU usage increases to 100%. When I checked in Task Manager, it's not related to any specific tab but the "browser" process. Closed all tabs doesn't solve it.

I temporarily switched to 106 (dev) and the issue is gone for awhile but then resurfaces

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I have been having this same issue with Edge 105 on a M1 Mac. Closing tabs doesn't help, only Force Quitting the entire application. I then re-open and it's fine. MacBook starts running hot when this is occurring. This is a rather new problem since I have been using Edge for over a year on my M1 Mac with no issues.

Same here! @MrFrumble 

I have been having this same issue with Edge 105.
I have the same issue, and concur that closing and re-opening Edge removes the problem for an unknown period of time.
Just cam to add that I have been experiencing this for the last 2-3 weeks. I'll always find out because my laptop is way warmer than it should be. And opening activity monitor reveals the high cpu usage. Force quitting Edge fixes the issue of course but it has been happening so frequent I simply stopped using edge entirely.
I've also been experience this problem on a M1 pro Macbook for the past two weeks. Closing and reopening Edge will temporarily resolve the problem for a few hours, but the problem eventually comes back.

@DONRAMON Yep, I've this too. Mine does that while browsing for long time and doing other stuff in the meantime


But also while suspended (closed lid on my Intel based Macbook Pro) I found that the day after my Mac was very warm and fans spinning with noise, open and logged in then checked Activity Monitor and yup, only Edge consuming all the CPU while suspended


I'm experiencing the same on an Intel-based Mac Mini (2018) recently. 

I have the same issue, I had to stop using Edge because of this issue, when my mac was running hot I knew I had to restart Edge, this bug will eat you battery very fast.
I have been experiencing this issue on my M1 Macbook air for about 2 weeks.
So surprised that it's still not fixed today; I've already switched to Vivaldi, a much more customizable browser. Maybe I will come back to Edge a few months later.
I can also confirm that this happens also on Intel based Macs, not just on ARM based Macs. The edge team should really fix this problem.
Same here, and has been for a long time.
I also confirmed this occurs on both Intel&M1 Mac.


@DONRAMON Yes same here. 100+% CPU usage. I've had to stop using Edge. Really sad, was/is a great browser but this just makes my M1 Mac run hot all the time. @Microsoft need to fix this ASAP. 

@DONRAMON Same issue here on my older Intel i7. Works fine for a little bit, but then ramps up 100%. I have to shut down the browser and reopen to clear it. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Same here. M1 macbook air. I have quitted using Edge since this happened. It's not acceptable.



Thanks to the community for confirming this behavior. The funny thing (not really so funny) is that I had started using Edge on my MacBook Pro because it was so much less processor / fan intensive than Chrome (which is a disaster). Maybe these are changes in the underlying Chromium rendering engine?

In any case, the Edge team should really look into this. Edge now makes my mac unusable if it's not plugged in. 

Where is the Edge team? This bug has been here for over a week.

Does the Edge team only reply after they've shipped the fix? Seems like a waste of a community. This bug is an embarrassment, draining batteries exceptionally quickly. One of the worst software bugs I've ever encountered on macOS.

I'm glad to see many others have an identical experience. I thought my laptop was going bad: nope, just Microsoft's bug here.

I thought we were on the stable build: shouldn't high-impact bugs like these trigger an "undo commit" situation?
MS Edge team is over the head with the workload, do not expect a reply anytime soon. So many versions, so many platforms, too many features, extreme workloads, and maintenance become a nightmare.
That's somewhat depressing but assuming that you have knowledge about the situation in the MS Edge team, thanks for sharing that. It's always good to have realistic expectations.