Troubleshoot Cloud PC connection issue
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Cloud PC users may encounter connection failure when they restarted the Cloud PC after Windows update or suddenly lose connection without obvious reason. These blog troubleshooting steps are not for a special reason of connection failure. It is a general troubleshooting method for users themselves and Cloud PC admins to bring the Cloud PC back online. 

If users restarted Cloud PC because of Windows feature update, it is reasonable to wait around 30 minutes to get a connection because Cloud PC backend infrastructure needs more time to resume all services for supporting Cloud PC than a regular physical devices restart. 

End User troubleshooting 

If a user gets a connection failure, the user can follow below steps to mitigate the issue and bring the Cloud PC back to online: 

Go to web portal of Cloud PC connection Windows 365 (, then click the 3 dots in the right side of Cloud PC tab, click “Troubleshoot”, in the next popup window, check “Yes, I want to troubleshoot this Cloud PC”, click “Start”. The Cloud PC will show “Troubleshooting connection” as below third screenshot. This troubleshooting will remove the Cloud PC session host from current host pool, re-install RDagent and RDbootloader in session host and add the session host back the host pool. Consequently , it  will fix RD client Cloud PC connection issue, unavailable resource issue, normally it can fix sixty percent connection issues and bring the Cloud PC online. If this way fixes the connection issue, the below forth screenshot will show “No issues detected”. 










Intune or Cloud PC Administrators troubleshooting 

On Intune console, Administrators have more options to troubleshoot and monitor the Cloud PC connection issues.  

Administrators need to log in to Intune management console, go to Windows devices, find the Cloud PC name,  click it to open device properties, go to “Performance”, then click “Connectivity history\Unavailable\Troubleshoot this connection”. If the “Troubleshoot” fixes the issue, the “Activity” in below second screenshot should be all “Success”.





If the above troubleshooting doesn’t fix the connection issue, Administrators can do “restore” from Device\Overview. Administrators can select any good time point to restore the Cloud PC back to its good connection status. After the “Restore” is finished, Intune Console will show “Complete” under “Device action status”. Administrators also can check “Connectivity history” to monitor restarted Cloud PC status to make sure it is restored to the healthy status. 




Place failed Cloud PC under review 

If end users and administrators cannot fix the above connection issue, administrators can place the Cloud PC under review and escalate this issue to Microsoft Global Helpdesk. Administrators should open the Cloud PC “overview” from Intune console, click “Place Cloud PC under review”:


In the window below, input Azure Subscription and choose Azure Storage account, then click “Place under review”. Administrators should have full access permission for this Azure subscription. During this procedure, the Cloud PC VHD will be uploaded to Azure storage account for Windows 365 engineer team to review and root cause the issue. 




Cloud PC connection issues can be caused by many factors. But with services improvement of cloud PC, this kind of connection issues will be more specifically addressed and fixed by backend infrastructure. The cloud PC service will be more stable. More and more tools will be developed to support Cloud PC. 



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