Q: What is the correct syntax when a rebasing a second calendar in a user's mailbox?
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First published on TECHNET on Sep 12, 2007

Q: I have had this question come in from a customer around rebasing of calendars:

In the Knowledgebase article KB931667 : DST using Outlook TZmove, the following is stated:

You can also rebase calendar items that are stored in additional calendars that may exist in a user's mailbox. For example, a command for rebasing the items in an additional calendar in a user's mailbox may resemble the following:

tzmove.exe -Q \\Mailbox - User\Second Calendar

When you rebase a public folder calendar or rebase an additional calendar that may exist in a user’s mailbox, the rebased items use the Sent on Behalf of message in the From field. Therefore, the updates do not change the owner of the calendar item. The updates appear to be from the account that rebased the calendar on behalf of the account that organized the meeting.

My question is about syntax of the command.

Which bit of the command do I change for the second user?

Example, if user Mary holds a second calendar for Joe then:

When Mary is logged in, is the command

tzmove.exe -Q \\Mailbox - User\Joe


tzmove.exe -Q \\Mailbox - Mary\Joe

or some other command string.

Seeing that we have a large number of PAs that have an even larger number of second calendars for bosses, meeting rooms and other resources, getting this command right is imperative.

What is the correct syntax please?

A: If the Calendar “Joe” is in Mary’s Mailbox and as a result is truly a “second calendar” in her Mailbox then the command is:

tzmove –q \\Mailbox – Mary\Joe

You can view the Application Event Log to verify that the command ran successfully by looking at the events that are logged for TZMOVE.  You can also view the log file named “Outlook Time Zone Update.log” that is in the users %TEMP% folder to see detailed information about actions that tzmove performed.


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